Used Porsche Macan Gts – Buying A Used Porsche Macan Gts

If you’re considering purchasing a used Porsche Macan GTS, there are several things to look out for. You want to know what features you’ll be getting, the resale value, and what type of maintenance is required.

Pre-purchase inspection

When buying a used Porsche, you need to get a pre-purchase inspection. A pre-purchase inspection is a way to determine if any hidden mechanical or safety issues could lead to expensive repairs down the road.

There are numerous types of pre-purchase inspections. Some may be more comprehensive than others, while others may include a paint and engine check. The price for a pre-purchase inspection will vary depending on the type of service you require.

Pre-purchase inspection

A pre-purchase inspection will also reveal the vehicle’s emissions status. If your Porsche is eligible for the CPO program, you will qualify for a one-year extra warranty.

It’s always a good idea to do a little research when buying a new or used car. You can find out if the vehicle has any recalls and whether it is factory-recommended for certain upgrades.

A pre-purchase inspection of a used Porsche can make or break your purchase. Check with the Porsche Porsche Association and ask for a recommendation on a reputable auto inspection shop.

While a pre-purchase inspection isn’t cheap, it’s worth the money if you plan on putting more than a few thousand miles on your used Porsche. 

PDK transmission

The Porsche Macan is a sporty SUV with a dual-clutch transmission. This transmission makes your Macan quick to shift and comfortable to drive. But it’s important to know that your PDK system needs to be foolproof. If it fails to shift smoothly, it may be due to a faulty transfer case assembly, a common problem in the Macan.

In addition to your transmission, you should also replace the oil filter. Oil filters can be replaced on the left side of your transmission, above the oil fill plug. You should have a small flat-head screwdriver to unscrew the cap. Once the rubber seal is removed, you can use a ratchet and 10mm hex bit to remove the plug.

Porsche Macan Gts features

Changing the oil is easy. Take a 17mm socket and ratchet, and remove the oil drain plug. Alternatively, you can remove the oil filter and replace the drain plug.

When you are done, pump the new oil into the transmission until it overflows. Be careful not to damage the oil filter or the valve body.

Twin-turbocharged hot-vee engine

Porsche’s new Macan GTS crossover comes with a new twin-turbocharged hot-vee engine. The 2.9-liter V6 gives a powerful boost of 383 lb-ft of torque and 434 hp. 

In addition to the new power plant, the Macan GTS also boasts adaptive air suspension, wireless smartphone charging, and a navigation system. It is not to mention the sports exhaust, clear LED tail lamps, and Sport Chrono package.

The Macan GTS also features 18-way adjustable sports seats. That’s not all: the GTS includes adaptive dampers and air springs that are firmer and lower than lesser versions.

Some exterior touches include black window trims, 20-inch RS alloy wheels, and a rear spoiler. The new Macan inside consists of a silver-faced tachometer, wireless Apple CarPlay, and a climate control system.

Porsche’s patented ceramic coating on the brakes improves corrosion resistance and reduces brake dust. They’re paired with six-piston calipers in white.

The Macan has a nifty design that allows the rear seats to fold independently. This allows for extra trunk space. If you’re looking for the best in class performance, the Macan GTS is the SUV for you.

0-60 time

Porsche’s Macan GTS is a hot hatchback with an engine that’s mechanically identical to the Macan S. Its 2.9-liter twin-turbo V-6 produces 434 horsepower. The top speed is 169 mph.

Porsche Macan Gts Price

Macan GTS features a redesigned rear end, a more aggressive exterior design, and a Sport Design front and rear bumper. Sport exhaust with high-gloss black tailpipes finishes off the look.

A 10.9-inch touchscreen display is standard. Porsche Communication Management software is also available. This infotainment system includes a rear backup camera, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and forward collision warning with pedestrian detection.

Macan GTS is a fun, engaging vehicle to drive. However, its pricing is too high. As of this writing, a used Macan GTS is $98,950.

Macan GTS is available in fourteen different exterior colors. The base model comes with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine with 249 horsepower. There is also a Macan S with 335 horsepower. A seven-speed dual-clutch transmission powers both.

The base Macan S accelerates to 60 mph in 4.6 seconds. Macan T, on the other hand, sits between the base and S models. They both come with an all-wheel drive.

The Macan GTS also has three drive modes: Normal, Sport, and Sport Plus. Choosing the right mode can significantly impact how well the Macan handles.

Porsche’s latest Macan GTS tries to bridge the gap between the Macan S and the Macan Turbo. That means more power and more torque. In addition, the adaptive air suspension is tuned to be even stiffer than before.

Colors available

The Porsche Macan is a compact SUV that offers a combination of powerful performance and sporty styling. While the car is available in several trim levels, it’s the GTS variant that is considered to be the top performer.

This version of the Macan features the same engine as the Macan S but with a more powerful tune. It also comes with a sport air suspension and a more dynamic look. In addition to its performance, the Macan GTS has a dynamic interior.

Another feature to note is the advanced steering wheel generation. It is a technology that allows manual shifting via gearshift paddles and direct touch control.

The Macan GTS also features a signature taillight strip that emphasizes the Porsche logo. Other features include a rear spoiler and a unique incline.

When it comes to color, Porsche is committed to providing a variety of options. The brand’s color palette is so extensive that limiting yourself to just one or two colors is hard.

Resale value

The Porsche Macan has become a very popular vehicle among luxury car buyers in the past few years. It is a great mix of sports car performance and comfort, making it one of the best vehicles in its class.

While the Porsche Macan is one of the more expensive cars on the market, it is also one of the most reliable. A recent reliability survey found that the Macan is ranked among the top SUVs in the industry.

Porsche Macan Gts Reviews

While the Macan may not be as luxurious as its competitors, it still offers a high-quality interior and a great deal of technology. You can find features like a power-adjustable rear seat, a summer tire accessory, a navigation system, and a wireless Apple CarPlay interface.

The Porsche Macan was named one of the top compact luxury SUVs. It was a winner of the Kelley Blue Book Best Resale Value award for 2020.

Porsche’s commitment to a high level of reliability made it a good choice for buyers looking for a long-lasting investment. This is reflected in the fact that Macan is a top seller.

Porsche is known for its excellent braking. The Macan’s air suspension helps it achieve impressive handling. If you’re buying a new Porsche, you can expect to get a warranty of three years or unlimited miles.


Q: What safety features does the Porsche Macan GTS have?

A: The Macan GTS comes with a number of driver assistance features designed to keep you safer on the road. These include lane departure warning, park assist, adaptive cruise control, and more. It also offers Porsche’s innovative Night Vision Assist system which uses infrared technology to help you detect potential hazards even in low-light conditions. 

Q: What other amenities does the Macan GTS offer?

A: In addition to its impressive performance capabilities, the Macan GTS also offers a number of luxurious amenities. These include 20-inch wheels, advanced navigation systems, and a Panoramic sunroof for an improved driving experience. The interior is designed with comfort in mind and features heated seats, four-zone climate control system, and luxury leather upholstery. 


The Porsche Macan GTS is a top-of-the-line compact luxury SUV that offers an impressive combination of performance, comfort and technology. Its reliable design makes it a great choice for buyers looking for long lasting investment. The Macan also features excellent braking capabilities and air suspension to help achieve superior handling. With its advanced safety systems, luxurious amenities, and fuel efficiency rating of 18 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway, the Porsche Macan GTS has something for everyone.

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