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Range Rover Sport vs. Porsche Cayenne

The brand new Cayenne has been made to develop on growing interest from shoppers of high end, sporty Sports utility vehicles who would like the unique style from the brand new vehicle. One other model that influenced the Sports utility vehicle style stakes was the Range-Rover Sport. 

This set upturns the back tires in the other direction to tighten up the turning-circle fronts at low-speed and the same manner as the fronts at a faster speed to further improve stability.


The Porsche cayenne uses a 3.0 L V-6 turbo, which is different from the 2.9L V-6 in the S version and contains 336 brake horsepower and 451 Nanometer of torque. This tracks the new P-400 engine in the Range-Rover Sport that has 396 brake horsepower & 551 Nanometer. Both use 8-speed auto gearboxes driving all 4 wheels.For more information click here

The Porsche’s cabin is much more driver-focused than Range Rover Sport’s. It provides an excellent driving position similar to the brand’s sports vehicles without losing the high-up feel you will get from a sports utility vehicle. Material quality is excellent, and Cayenne feels much better built compared to its competitor as well.

Porsche Cayenne vs Range Rover Sports: Performance

The Porsche Cayenne comes with a turbo-charged 3.0L V-6 base engine that produces 336 horsepower and 8-speed auto transmission. The vehicle shows to be able to different driving conditions which are fast in spite of its big size. The Sports utility vehicle will get to 58 miles per hour in 5.8 secs. Extra power can be obtained with the twin-turbocharged 2.9l V-6 engine provided and reaches 58 miles-per-hour in 4.8 secs. Amazing handling and small body roll produce a composed ride that feels firm without reducing the power level.


The brand new Range Rover Sport is equipped with a supercharged V-6 engine which produces 341 horsepower. A V-6 turbo diesel engine with 255 horsepower or a hybrid car model with a 4-cylinder engine and motor unit can also be provided for additional economical performance. The car does not offer as much of a nimble ride as the Porsche cayenne but can still make you feel like driving a sports vehicle on twisting roadways. On the subject of off-roading, the model isn’t as effective as the  Porsche cayenne.

Both the Land Rover brand and also Porsche brand is notable for providing hair-raising performance and expertly crafted engines. Although the Porsche Cayenne provides a higher horsepower engine in the base model, the Range-Rover provides a broader collection of engine choices and provides much more in its top engine.


The Porsche Cayenne is clearly the option over the Range Rover Sport for pulling weighty loads when it comes to towing capacity. In terms of horsepower, the Range Rover Sport has a whole lot less horsepower compared to Cayenne.

Interior Functions

Numerous functions come standard in the  Porsche Cayenne that boosts the worth of the vehicle. Satellite radio, a 10 speaker sound system, dual-zone automatic heating and cooling, Hi-def Radio, five Universal serial bus ports, global positioning system, a WiFi hotspot, a rearview camera,  a 12.3-inch touchscreen & front and back car parking sensors can be found for additional accommodation and performance. All the menus on the infotainment touchscreen display are really easy to use & react rapidly to commands. About 28 cu ft of cargo space comes in the rear of the Sports utility vehicle.


Interior functions that you will get in the Range Rover Sport may include dual-zone auto climate control, push-button start, and also proximity key-less entry. Touch-Pro includes a sharp as well as advanced look however is difficult to use and does not respond quickly, which may be annoying although running the car.

When you compare the Porsche Cayenne vs Range Rover or other luxury Sports utility vehicle models, you must ensure that they have the functions you’d like for the Ridge-wood drives. Although the Range Rover includes a high starting price, it provides you much more high-end functions for connectivity, comfort, and adaptability compared to the Porsche cayenne does. Want to buy from Porsche Cayenne Dealer, click this link >> https://porschebestdeals.com/porsche-cayenne-dealer/

Range Rover Functions

  • Five trim-levels $-88,160 Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price                $-113,900 Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
  • Five seats, Four seats along with readily available Executive-Rear              Seating
  • Standard heated seats
  • Luggage Capacity with Seats Up: 31.9 cu-ft
  • Standard Sun-roof

Porsche Cayenne Functions

  • 2 trim levels $-66,700 Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price  $-83,900 Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price
  • Five seats
  • Available heated-seats
  • Luggage Capacity with Seats Up: 27.2 cu-ft
  • Available sunroof
  • Optimum Cargo Space: 60.4 cu-ft


The interior of the brand new Porsche cayenne is re-designed and seems to be classy and advanced with high-end materials on every spot. Leather-based covers come standard with ventilated and heated front seats for more comfort and ease. The front seats have a massage function, and so are 14-way power-adjustable. Heated back seats, a heated steering wheel, and roomy rows at the front and back produce a calming setting. The big windows provide lots of outward visibility.

Range Rover Sport vs. Porsche Cayenne

The re-designed cabin of the brand new Range-Rover Sport always looks ancient with a system that feels awkward. An optional 3rd row can be found for people who need to have 7 people easily fit in the Sports utility vehicle. Leather-based covers come standard, having heated and ventilated front seats and 15-way power-adjustable front seats. The sad thing is, the 3rd line is crowded and might just accommodate kids.

If you need to find out more about the Cayenne and how it compares to the Range-Rover Sport, call or visit our car dealership today. Our staff is here to reply to your queries and help you test-driving the brand new Porsche cayenne in our area.


The Porsche Cayenne is the best option when you are searching for a sporty Sports utility vehicle. It is much more interesting to drive a car than Range-Rover Sport and be much more comfortable. It is more affordable as well, enabling you to add more key options in the same price range. This base model helps make the most sense in the range, however, we would still highly recommend a much more practical-standard Porsche cayenne over this car.

The Range-Rover Sport is not as nimble as its competitor, nor as comfortable, however, it has one special benefit. There is a lot more space inside, specifically in terms of boot space, and there is a choice of 7 seats. This means It is a better option for additional people as an overall model however this thirsty P-400 model is not our pick, in spite of its sleek engine as well as a very long list of standard kits.  


There are many reasons to think about when determining the overall price of a car. The primary thing to consider is MSRP. While looking just at Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, the Range Rover Sport may have less effect on your bank account compared to Cayenne. One more factor may be the Destination-Charge, which is a standard charge for moving the car towards the seller where it is built. Both Porsche Cayenne and the Range Rover Sport have equivalent Destination Charges.


Because the Range Rover Sport is much broader than Cayenne, getting a broad enough space in a parking area might be a little more difficult. When thinking about overall size, the Range Rover Sport takes up on the same level of space in your garage area as the Cayenne.

Drive Train

The Range Rover Sport has lower torque compared to Cayenne, which usually implies that it will not feel as fast or potent.


The Rover-Range Rover Sport includes a larger turning radius than the Porsche cayenne, which makes it a little harder to move around into and out of tight areas.


When it comes to seating, you will have the ability to fit on the same number of individuals both in the Porsche Cayenne and Range Rover Sport.


The Range-Rover Sport includes basically the exact same basic warranty as to the Cayenne.

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