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911 Porsche Vs Nissan GTR

The brand new Porsche 911 is an all-weather performance car. However, there is one more four-wheel drive, technology-packed twin-turbo coupe, six-cylinder that will seat 4 (only), and monster almost any race track you can put at it. It is the Nissan GTR, and it is the vehicle 911 Porsche has to match. Here is Ben Pulman using the CAR verdict.

Simply no symbol of a cease-fire in the ongoing war of attrition between Nissan and Porsche. Both of these heavyweights have been slugging out very long. There is a real threat Julian Fellowes will believe it is a saga and therefore writes a mini-series about this. It is a very simple plot: Nissan GTR vs. 911, champion vs. pretender, set at the Nürburgring. Do not wait a long time: Ron Howard’s on another line.Click here fore more information 

Porsche 911 Vs Nissan GTR

THE Nissan GTR benchmarked the 911, Porsche. Even though the brand new Nissan-GTR abandoned the iconic Skyline name, the renowned straight-six engine, and the smart High Capacity Actively Controlled Steering four-wheel steer system, it published a Porsche beating Nurburgring lap time: Seven minutes Thirty-eight secs.

Porsche provides a variety of models which compete with the Nissan-GTR, just like the 911 Porsche Carrera-4 GTS (beginning at $-127, Six hundred with 455 horsepower as well as an all-wheel-drive) and the 911 Porsche  (starting at $-161,800 and providing 550 hp and all-wheel drive (AWD)). However, we have selected the 911 Porsche GT3 as our top Nissan GTR rival.

Nissan GTR  VS 911: Efficiency & Power

Performance-wise, the Nissan GTR and 911 are much the same. Both may include selectable drive modes, all-wheel drive, and a 3.9 liter 911 Porsche six-cylinder piston engine. But, taking a look at the specifications, you will notice a few obvious differences. First of all, the 911 Porsche dishes out 485 pound-feet of torque, 20 pound-feet a lot more than the Nissan GT-R. With regards to fuel economy, the 911 Porsche is exceptional across the board. It earns a 20 miles per gallon city/24 miles per gallon high way rating, as the Nissan GTR lags behind 15 miles per gallon city/22 miles per gallon high way rating. More Info Tips How To Buy a Porsche 911 https://www.theblackberryfan.com/tips-how-to-buy-porsche-911/


Nissan GTR  VS 911: High-Quality Functions

There are many functions for Los Altos drivers to become delighted regarding inside the brand new Nissan GTR and Porsche 911. A global positioning system, a garage door opener, Voice-activated audio control, leather door trim inserts, and an auto-dimming rear-view mirror are standard equipment. However, the 911 Porsche generally focuses on technology and comfort a lot more than the Nissan GTR. The 911 Porsche contains the following with purchase:

  • Reliable input jack
  • Power tilt and telescopic steering wheel
  • 12 speaker audio system
  • 10-way power-adjustable front seats
  • Illuminated glove box
  • Front seat power 4-way lumbar support
  • Driver memory settings
  • Driver and passenger auto-dimming mirrors

Nissan GTR VS 911: Driver Assistance & Safety

With good overall performance comes the requirement for first-rate security. Extensive LED daytime running lights, airbags, LED taillights, front/rear parking sensors, and a rearview camera are shared by both models. With regards to driver assists, the Nissan GTR falls short as compared to the 911 Porsche. Buying the 911 Porsche  grants, you access to the following systems:


Adaptive Cruise Control

Instead of just controlling speed, Adaptive-Cruise Control keeps a pre-specified distance between you and a straight-ahead vehicle.

Lane Change Guide

Just like Porsche Active Safe, Lane Change Guide depends on the radar to identify cars in your sightless areas. However, the system does not positively intervene; it notifies you by using a visual signal in the mirror whenever you must be careful.

What Will the Nissan GTR get Right?

The Nissan GTR is to the brand new Japanese marketplace what the Supra was during the 1990s: a powerhouse that will dance with the entire world’s very best at a fraction of the cost. The Nissan GTR’s long-hood and swooping roofline provides a 370 Z on steroids look that some models in the market can match. Additionally, it’s racy, exciting, and handles the interior, & you have the type of vehicle in which even adults want. Affordable Used Porsche 911 Models

The Nissan GTR’s 3.8 L twin-turbo V-6 lays down 560 horsepower, and it is teamed with a six-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission as well as all-wheel drive. The Nissan Motorsports form of the Nissan GT-R will boost six hundred horsepower & scoots from 0 to 60 miles-per-hour in 2.8 secs. Approximated best speed is 192 miles per hour.

What the 911 Porsche Gets Right?

Among the first things that any buyer will notice while buying the 911, Porsche may be the wide selection of trim options, from Carrera’s entry-level to the range-topping S. On the outside, the Porsche 911 is definitely a unique icon that has developed elegantly through the years. The 911 Porsche comes standard with all types of satisfying functions, such as a nine-speaker audio system, an Alcantara headliner, and full-grain leather seating.


This year’s new 3-liter twin-turbo six-cylinder cranks out 375 horsepower in the Carrera and 421 horsepower in the mid-level Carrera-S. The 3 liter includes the selection of a seven-speed manual or seven-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is optional.

The Nissan GTR provides the Porsche a slight-scare; however, the 911 Porsche still is launched on the top. This doesn’t mean that purchasers should write off the Nissan GTR because it includes an obvious niche. In base form, it provides supercar performance just for northern $-100,000, which makes it something of a bargain.

This Nissan GTR story is all about overall performance numbers; therefore, we will not dilly-dally: 61 miles per hour is barbecued in 3.4 seconds, the One mile in 11.6 seconds at 125 miles per hour.

Braking from 75 miles per hour usually takes 145 ft, & skidpad runs are 0.98 grams. Those are Olympic-qualifying stats. Indeed, with those final outcomes, the Nissan-GTR would’ve nuked our last $-123,890 Porsche-911 & felled our last $-404,410 Lambor­ghini LP-640 roadster. However, do you think the Nissan GTR costs too much? We do not.

Porsche 911 Vs Nissan GTR-1

After establishing that the Nissan-GTR is reliably and preposterously fast, we shall now read exactly what we have seen in this brief visit using the vehicle. Even at complete war cry, the engine is muted, only a mellow warble even below full accelerator. The vehicle can also be more comfortable, at least for all those in front. As stated, the Nissan GTR has extensive dimensions. Our tape-measure exposed front-seat space totals Fifty-four cu ft in the luxurious 019.6-inch wheelbase. Back seaters get woeful head as well as legroom; however, at least enjoy much more torso space than in a 911 Porsche.

In contrast to the 506 pound-feet of torque spooled into the 911 Porsche and the 431-pound feet seen in the Nissan GTR, the M-3 includes an apparently minuscule 296-pound foot. The M-3 is out of its league in horsepower, too; however, it makes up for a few of this handicap by weighing hundreds of pounds less than its competitors. The M-3 also offers a cost edge: Our test vehicle range-up at $-63,600, the Nissan GTR commanded $-70,475, and also the 911 Porsche dwarfed both of them with a $-127,061 base cost. 

At the track, the order was modified because the Nissan GTR left the 911 Porsche skidding in its wake. There is a lot of grip from the Porsche 911’s wide Michelin-Pilot-Sport PS2s, as shown through the best in test 0.96 grams of skidpad-grip; however, the all-wheel-drive system does not appear to be as truck-tuned as the GTR’s.

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