The Tesla Model-S first showed about ten years ago and immediately portended the future of electric-powered cars. Here was a good-looking electric vehicle with the amazing latest technology functions and unrivaled overall performance and range. Tesla’s frequent updates on the way have kept all of those other auto industries in catch-up mode. Just lately includes a model that can rival the Model-S: the Porsche Taycan.


The Porsche Taycan is not as innovative; however, it provides very similar features as well as the feel of Porsche’s sports car-building ethos. Is it sufficiently good to un-seat the Model-S? Edmunds’ professionals analyzed both of these to discover.For more info click here


The Tesla Model S Long Range, the most affordable trim, offers an Environmental protection agency estimated 415 miles of range. Although Edmunds found in its range tests that Tesla’s Environmental protection agency numbers are usually just a little too positive, it is still one of the longest miles you will get from an electric vehicle. The use of Tesla’s amazing network of country-wide Supercharger fast-charging channels is one more advantage.

Theoretically, things are not so sunny for the Porsche-Taycan. The long Environmental protection agency estimated range is 230 miles for a mid-level Taycan 4-S with the Overall performance Battery Plus. Although that is beneath the Model-S, a Porsche Taycan 4S overachieved in Edmunds’ tests, driving 325 miles prior to running out of juice. The result? In actual-world driving, you will not see quite as much of a big difference between both of these vehicles as the specifications suggest.

Porsche does not have its own charging system, but it is working together with third-party companies to improve the number of charging channels country-wide.


Tesla’s driver’s help is among the very best in the business. Triggering a few of these functions is not very simple; however, they work properly in reality. There are more cool functions like playing online games on the touch screen that are enjoyable to do while you are parked and charging your vehicle. You may also synchronize your Spotify accounts right to the vehicle, although Tesla provides a Wireless Bluetooth smartphone connection. Explore the Benefits of Pre-owned Porsche Taycan

You will not find any unique video gaming or fart-like sound generators in a Taycan that can be so un-Porsche like however you might have a much more smart variety of technology. The Taycan’s driver helps function easily and smoothly. You will also get Apple Car Play, a smartphone connection that allows you to manage applications on the phone via Porsche’s touch screen. It isn’t available on the Tesla Model-S.

Driving Experience

Optimum acceleration and speed are super quick with both of these high-end cars. Although, the Porsche Taycan does a much better job of providing you with a feel of the road whenever going around turns. Generally, it is much more athletic and nimble. Additionally, it has slight advantages for traveling. It is a little less noisy, with less wind flow and road noise on the highway, and its travel is smoother.


Take pleasure in the beauty of overall performance in the 2021 Taycan Turbo-S because of its luxurious interior and dashboard display, as well as elegant standard and readily available functions, including:

  • Deviated seat centers 
  • Fixed Sunroof
  • Thermally and noise covered glass
  • Leather-seating or Leather free Race Tex
  • Versatile, 18-way sport seats plus with memory-package
  • Wood, aluminum details or carbon-fiber

Tesla Model-S launched a number of interior design alterations in 2021, like a modern yoke-style steering wheel and up-to-date display.

porsche taycan vs tesla interior

The Model-S’ interior is simple and clean, having a near button-less design that places major controls, including those for the climate control and sound system in the huge center-mounted touch screen. Additionally back there is a hatchback liftgate that shows ample cargo space. There is a good enough space for back travelers as well.

Such as the Model S, most of Taycan’s functions are regulated from a touch screen. However, Porsche fortifies all of them with traditional stalks, buttons, and knobs for functions like cruise control, car window wipers, and lighting effects. It’s a more common and easier-to-use experience. Back traveler and cargo space or room are limited compared to the Model-S; however, the Porsche Taycan is a better car to invest time in overall. Find More Info Porsche Taycan Lease Specials


The fly line and sloping-roof, up and down air intakes close to the front wheels, versatile rear-spoiler, and underbody paneling on the 2021 Porsche-Taycan are among the sleekly designed details which include functionality to the classy form. Select from 2 roof options, a fixed glass sunroof or a lightweight aluminum contoured roof. Lightweight aluminum can be found in the hood, front bumpers, tailgate, doorways, and side parts. Additional features you will find on the 2021 Taycan can include:

  • 21-inch Mission-E design wheels with spokes in high gloss black
  • Four points Light-emitting diode (LED) day time running lights
  • Light-emitting diode car headlights with matrix design and Porsche dynamic light system plus
  • Available auto height adjusting suspensions

The sleek hatchback design of the 2021 Tesla-Model S Plaid has a re-designed hood and front-grille to help improve the car’s aerodynamics. The Model-S includes an extensive body design to improve efficiency and speed.

Technology Features

The 2021 Taycan comes with Porsche Communication Management and an on-line global positioning system, Porsche Connect, Porsche Car Tracking-System, surround audio system with Fourteen loudspeakers, and Satellite Radio Stations.

You possibly can update your 2021 Taycan with a 3-d high-end surround audio system to enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, or sports on another level. If you would like much more comfort, add the traveler display function and enable your partner to help you with instructions or any other info your car provides.

The 2021 Tesla Model S includes a 17-inch cinematic-center display, back seat in-car gaming system, multi-device Bluetooth, wireless network, USB charging, and a 22 speaker sound system with active noise cancellation.

Precautionary Features

The 2021 Taycan comes with alert and braking system assist, lane-keep assistance with traffic sign recognition, Park Assist, and cruise control. One of the advanced driver-assistance functions you possibly can provide your Taycan Turbo S with really are a head-up display, Automotive night vision, lane keep assist, surround-view, versatile luxury cruise control, and active parking support.

In 2021, Tesla equipped its cars with the latest active precautionary features and highly developed technology like auto emergency braking system, automatic lane-change, and auto car park. An auto-pilot function allows your car to steer, braking system, and speed up when you positively monitor, as well as an auto-pilot global positioning system function that offers assistance when you go in and out of highway ramps.

Price And Value

It is all tied-up, two factors for every vehicle although that was a narrow-win in the acceleration and speed category for Tesla. Therefore, it is the cost which will make our winner overhead, and finally so. 

The most affordable Porsche Taycan you can purchase now is the 4-S, with a Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $-103,900 plus shipping and delivery. For that, you will get the official (although strangely conventional) Environmental protection agency rating of 205 miles and a 0 to Sixty miles-per-hour time of 3.9 secs. But, that cost is if you do not tick any boxes. As being a Porsche, that won’t be easy to do. The Inno Drive active safety suite charges a sweet $-3,600, although the Overall performance Package, including torque, vectoring, and rear steering is an additional 6,400 Dollars.

price and values

A base Model-S Long-Range-Plus, which will do 395 miles per the Environmental protection agency and 0to-60 in 3.8 secs, will start at 80,000 $. Apart from some high-quality paint, interior and wheel-choices, and 8,000 $ for the still hopelessly-optimistically named Full Self Driving upgrade, there isn’t much to add. Tick all of the most costly boxes, and you are thinking about $-96,490 plus shipping and delivery — about 8,000 $ less than the base-Porsche, that with those prices doesn’t have adaptive-cruise. 

I will not compare the Model-S Performance with the Turbo S or Taycan Turbo as the financial rift will get way broader. 

So which is the champion? Well, the cost is not just a factor, I would have a Porsche Taycan in our garage right now. 

However, the cost is always one factor, so when you look at the range, speed, and functions, the Model-S is the winner in this fight. 8 years on, this Tesla S has legs.

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porsche taycan

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