Porsche Macan Versus BMW-X3

Let’s compare the BMW X3 and Porsche Macan, and you will see that when they reveal the same 2.0 Liter engine and have a lot of similar interior functions, the Porsche Macan provides more features than the BMW X3 doesn’t. The Porsche Macan also produces a lot more power, and it has a much better grip on the roadways all around the Bay Area. Compare the BMW X3  vs. Porsche Macan here with the help of Porsche Fremont!

Macan vs. BMW X3: Drive-train & Performance

The base Porsche Macan setup and also the  BMW X3 both include a standard 249 horsepower 2.0-liter I4 engine. But, the Porsche Macan produces 274 pound-feet of torque, although the BMW X3 generates just 257 pound-feet of torque. Furthermore, the Porsche Macan has an All-wheel drive train and may tow up to 4,000 lbs, making it great for Saratoga and San-Jose activities. HOWEVER, the BMW X3 has a rear-wheel drive-train, and towing is not highly recommended. Click here for more information


Convenience Features & Comfort

Both Porsche Macan and BMW-X3 provide a wide range of interior convenience and comfort functions, for example, optional front-power lumbar-support, passenger and driver multi-adjustable power seats, as well as their particular optional smart luxury cruise control systems. But, just the Porsche Macan provides extra luxuries for the Los-Altos-commute, such as:

Macan Interior
  • Standard Compact disc Player (Optional on BMW X3)
  • Remote Trunk Launch (Optional on BMW X3)
  • Optionally available Real Wood Trim Found on Steering-wheel

Security Features

Whenever they select the Porsche Macan or BMW X3, drivers might really feel confident on the Menlo-Park and Milpitas roadways because of the several basic safety functions contained on cars. Both Porsche Macan & BMW X3 have traveler daytime running lights, an airbag cut-off sensors, and an anti-theft security alarm. However, the Porsche Macan includes standard rear-side safety bags, which aren’t incorporated on the BMW X3. Find more info about Porsche Macan Turbo Cost

Features and Pricing

First of all, the broad-stuff. At $-98,500 list, the Porsche Macan fits a 261-kW/481-Nm turbocharged 3.0l V-6, all-wheel drive, seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, staggered width (266 millimeters front/296 millimeters rear) 20-inch wheels, active damper suspension, and large performance type braking hardware.

For the BMW X3 M40i’s $-99,991 list, its similar format engine outstanding 266-kW/501-Nm results, adopts a standard 8-speed automatic transmission, matches the Porsche’s steel sprung suspenders and stopping credentials, however, united parcel service the wheel size to 22 in. when with narrow (246 millimeters front/276front/276 millimeters rear) rubber. The BMW X3 will get an M Sport rear differential; the 2018 Porsche Macan would like $-3121 to bundle one in with its smart PTV Plus suite.

There are more discrepancies in the details. The BMW X3 fits adaptive LED headlights, while the Porsche Macan would like more than regular LED lights ($-3410 for Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus). The BMW x3 fits sports seats, front seat heating system standards, and leather-based trim. However, the Porsche Macan lists ‘Comfort’ seating and leatherette/Alcantara trim as standard (Sports seats $-651, leather-trim varies, heating $-881).


With a few of the best and newest BMW functions, the X3 is getting ready to motivate drivers. Whether it is the 10.26″ Control-Display with smart gesture control, this Best Driving Machine is now able to connect the worlds easily, Driving-Assistant Plus, or even the full-color BMW x3 Head-up Display.


Comfort & Cabin 

Although the modified tail and face of the MY Nineteen Porsche Macan present a new look with a BMW x3 thrown around in its present technology for 19 months now, the Porsche’s ‘face-lift’ status is obvious with mostly the same cabin treatment.


As defined in our nearby launch review, a smooth new infotainment screen goes a small way to cover up the aging after effect of the button-heavy ‘old Porsche’ design structure that stable-mates Panamera, Porsche 911, and Cayenne already have moved from towards an even more minimalist, haptic touch affair, and glassy.

In spite of being older and the marque’s penchant for traditional design ambiance, the BMW x3 includes a modern vibe and crisp: partially right down to the smooth digital driver instrumentation, partly due to simple, cleaner when more austere look and approach.

I bet it will not age as soon as the Porsche Macan, either. Instantly apparent is how airier and roomier the BMW’s cabin feels, although preference for the Munich machine is a real case of preference. It is a little more practical, more family-friendly, with high-quality confidence in material choice and execution without being shouty about this.


At the same time, the BMW’s i-Drive Six software, and its satisfying tiling set up, is a properly developed combination of fanciness and ease that is an even more cohesive relationship along with the completely digital driver’s display, that provides a number of dedicated design styles tied with the unique drive modes.

Larger door-bins, less expensive steering wheel, generally cover BMW’s priority set; however, it cannot quite match Porsche’s built-in firmness, properly calm and suitably up-market enough.

This demonstrates conspicuously with the variations in space and atmosphere in their 2nd lines, where the BMW x3 provides huge glass and outstanding outwards-visibility. The Porsche Macan’s tight dimensions convince you that It is reasonably a ‘four adult only’ prospect in the long run, where the glass roof impacts headroom significantly. Pre-owned Porsche Macan: Drive in Luxury for Less

When it comes to boot-space, the Macan’s 500 Liter to 1500 Liter conversion through the 40/20/40 split-fold arrangement will probably be sufficient for a lot of users’ requirements. However, the BMW x3 has a convenient additional 50 liter as a five-seater as well as an extra 100 liter with row two stowed. You need to get a space saver under the Porsche’s floor, although the BMW x3 depends on the ease of running flat tires.

For bad or good, dependant upon preference, the Munich machine’s accommodation very easily embodies the common family commuter feel whenever required, as the Stuttgart providing never quite escapes the sporty-‘jumbo very hot hatch’ vibe, even if it is parked up and it doesn’t matter how it is being driven.


Although there are various reasons why enthusiastic drivers might want to use the Porsche Macan at its keen entry cost, it simply does not stack up in the value stakes against the much more amply equipped BMW X3 M-40i, whichever method you go with.

The Porsche’s smaller-sized nature that serves its ‘jumbo hot hatch’ concept encourages many customers; however, it does compromise a few families’ hauling utilities. Appropriate, perhaps, had it provided much larger under the bonnet compared to its warm V-6 heartbeat.

The BMW x3 does not just take the win as it balances sportiness and functionality on consistently different courses, different horses; however, It is merely more well-rounded at providing both sides of the pitch.

As amazing as the Porsche Macan has been since its creation, It is very easy to come away out of this up-date mostly the same in the experience and hoping for additional ample measures for the travelers and much more vibe for the driver. Although everybody in the Car Advice camp who driven its rival from Munich concluded, it wanted less in few, or no, areas.

Which is Best?

The Porsche Macan, as well as BMW X3, are both amazing high-quality lightweight cross overs. Many people purchase them purely due to the status related to these badges; however, they have one more element driving talent. When people would like an unremarkable experience when driving, they do not require a BMW X3 or a Porsche Macan.

macan-vs- bmw-x3

The BMW X3 is definitely an all-new technology for this model year,- although this base Porsche Macan just came into being this past year. In recent years, Porsche may be the handling benchmark; however, there are few real competition levels. To find out what is better, we will need to break it down. Benefit from the journey, simply because that is what both cars are all about.

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