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Porsche 992 Turbo S Features and Porsche 992 Turbo S for sale

The Porsche 992 is every enthusiast’s dream. It’s perfect for the person looking to spend every possible penny without getting overboard. The price is reasonable, the engine is supremely powerful, and it’s pretty much the perfect vehicle. However, it’s also one that requires a bit of common sense and research before purchasing.

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The best reference you can use to define the fastest Porsche is the track records of the specific model and year. Though there are many more potential answers to the fastest Porsche, these are some of the most popular ones. Undoubtedly, the models mentioned above have been proven through official records, and there is no question that they can easily reach incredible speeds. So, for those asking, “what is the fastest Porsche?” Drive Home in Style with a Used Porsche 911

For decades the 911 has been considered the king of sports cars. Turbocharged gasoline models have been around for quite some time already. Nowadays, however, there are two different types of turbocharged 911s. Turbocharged models with higher compression ratios require higher pressure to generate the necessary heat for the turbocharger to work properly. Some high-performance cars use a single-stage turbocharger setup, and the higher the engine speed, the more power is generated. So which is the fastest Porsche with a turbo?

How fast is the 992 Turbo S? 

Performance claims are frequently modest. When they unveiled the 2021 911 Turbo S, the German automaker boasted a 2.6-second sprint to 60 mph and said it would blast through the quarter-mile in 10.5 seconds. In the  old turbo swe achieved a 2.6-second run to 60 mph, 0.2 seconds ahead of Porsche’s initial claim, but this time, in the car, we shed off four-tenths of a second, reaching 60 mph in the 992-generation 911 Turbo S in a blisteringly quick 2.2 seconds.

To achieve a quick launch to 60 mph, we put the Turbo S in its Sport mode—not Sport Plus because it engages all of the active aerodynamics—and Sport traction in Porsche Stability Management (PSM). Launch control in Sport mode holds the rpm at around 4000, but we smashed the Sport Response button in the center of the steering-wheel-mounted drive-mode dial to jump up to just over 5000 rpm. Then, we released the brake and ripped to 60 mph in 2.2 seconds, trailing the hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder hypercar by only a tenth of a second.


Jumping off the line is near effortless for the 911 Turbo S. We reached 30 mph in 0.9 seconds because of its enhanced all-wheel-drive system, which can send up to 368 lb-ft of torque to the front wheels. The 3.7-liter flat-six also makes 60 more horsepower and 37 lb-ft more torque than its predecessor, thanks to larger variable turbine geometry turbos. The result is 640 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque, which helped the S blast through the quarter-mile in 10.1 seconds at 137 mph.

The 918 Spyder is the quickest car we’ve ever tested, and it comes with a near-million-dollar price. The $204,850 911 Turbo S is right behind it, so that’s a bargain if you think about it. It ties the Lamborghini Huracán Performante (2.2 seconds), and then behind them are the Porsche Taycan Turbo S and Tesla Model S Performance with Cheetah mode, which both ripped to 60 mph in 2.4 seconds.

The newest model in the line of Porsche automobiles is the Porsche 992 Turbo. This car is the latest in a long line of fast, luxurious sports cars that Porsche has developed. With its twin-turbocharged 2.7 liter engine, the 911 Turbo promises to be the fastest Porsche. The high fuel density of the engine, combined with lightweight construction, helps make the 992 Turbo very energy efficient. It is expected to save up to sixty percent of fuel over a comparable vehicle of class and size.

The 992 Turbo, one of the most popular and powerful cars on the market today, tops the list of the most powerful sports cars due primarily to its high-performance engine. Its 3.2-liter flat-array Turbocharged V8 produces an incredible amount of horsepower at a low engine speed of just 1250 rpm. Though it sports large brakes, it is limited to economy cars with standard-width tires. This car is also highly sporty thanks to the twin-turbocharged engine and strong torque.

porsche 911

The newest model in the new line of Porsche automobiles is the Porsche 911 Turbo. This car is the latest in a long line of fast, luxurious sports cars that Porsche has developed. With its twin-turbocharged 2.7 liter engine, the 911 Turbo promises to be the fastest new Porsche. The high fuel density of the engine, combined with lightweight construction, helps make the 911 Turbo very energy efficient. It is expected to save up to sixty percent of fuel over a comparable vehicle of class and size.

Price and value

This car is every enthusiast’s dream. Priced at nearly $473,900, the Porsche 992 turbo s is just as stratospheric in terms of its performance statistics. In true Porsche style, it’s a case of innovation, not revolution. There is more power, better aero, better tech, and more – well, almost everything. For the audiophile at heart, it’s quite possibly the best automobile they could own.

Base Car or Turbo Replacement 

The base car of this high-performance intercooler is the Porsche 911 Turbo. With a long, straight body and long, straight nose, this car was born to win. To that end, the body is essentially stock. That said, there are a few upgrades which include an additional battery trunk, upgraded rear diffuser, high-flow stainless steel exhaust pipes, front strut brace, a hydraulic strut bar, front strut pad, and a carbon fiber rear diffuser. Upgrades like these will take the 911 Turbo from its base Turbo model to higher performance capabilities. Therefore, it is necessary to consult your owner’s manual for any potential modifications necessary to the Turbo’s overall performance.

Steering Wheel Adaptive Cruise Control 

Just as with the high-performance model, the 911 Turbo s steering wheel has been completely overhauled. Here, too, all of the options come from the top: there is now a larger center paddle with larger buttons, scroll buttons, push-button controls, and circular dials. There is also, smaller center paddle which is simpler and easier to use. The adaptive cruise control system is designed for the driver to experience full-throttle control when needed but offers the driver the ability to maintain a constant rate of speed. All told, this cruise control offers consumers an increased driving pleasure.


Handling And Electronics

The 992 turbos are fitted with some of the most advanced driving technologies ever put into a vehicle. As is the case with many high-end performance vehicles, the drivers can use various high-tech driving features. For example, the nine-tone sound system features three speaker ports and a subwoofer located in the passenger area. Standard audio controls have also been updated, with the option now available for a full range of electronic tones. The standard factory radio head unit has also been replaced with a hands-free unit that offers a clear and easy listening experience.

New Intercooler System 

The Porsche 992 turbo makes use of a new intercooler system. What’s unique about the intercooler system on this vehicle is the presence of two copper pipes with parallel oriented bends within them. The pipes carry the coolant from the engine to all brake components, cooling and heating throughout the entire brake system. The result is more aggressive and consistent braking power without any noise.

Sport Suspension And Brakes

With the new Porsche 992, sports enthusiasts can look forward to an extremely smooth driving experience. The new sport suspension system uses a fully adjustable damping system with fully variable front, and rear axle lifts for high-performance driving. Additionally, Porsche added new sport suspension components to the Porsche 992 Turbo, including sports floor pan, sports bar, 2.0 mm aluminum monobloc muffler, and dual-adjustable front and rear bars with push-button controls. Porsche claims this to be the most aggressive and technologically advanced brakes that they have ever offered.

High Gloss Bodywork 

High gloss paint and high gloss finish provide an extra touch of class to the Porsche 992 Turbo. Newly designed window vents and a matte carbon fiber front air dam also lend a sporty look to the automobile. The front air dam also features the same feature as the sport suspension. It allows the air flowing over the front wheel to be deflected off the edges of the bodywork. As a result, there is a soft and sporty feel to the brake and handling. In addition, the large front surface area of the Porsche 911 Turbo has been enhanced with air vents and a high gloss finish to provide that low-down, aggressive impression.

This Porsche 992 model is a prime example of the latest modern-day flagship 911, boasting a unique combination of everyday usability and high-performance driving dynamics. The car has been crafted to the highest standards, with precision engineering from its inception until now. Many customers are wary when buying one of these desirable sports cars due to the expectations of higher quality and accuracy than can be found in the average car. However, these are unfounded and only reflect an interest in the upmarket rather than a true appreciation for this vehicle. In this Porsche 992 review, we will explore the technical specifications of this vehicle and offer to buy tips and pointers towards ensuring that you make a wise purchasing decision.

Base Caring

If you’re interested in a more powerful vehicle, you should consider your overall weight and drivetrain needs. While larger than the mid-sized models, the Turbo boasts lighter bodywork due to its air suspension system and lower mass engines. As such, the figures quoted for the vehicle are quite encouraging, particularly when compared to some major sports car competitors. To measure its power, the manufacturer includes an emergency assist system and a nine-pound hand clutch. The Porsche 992 continues to score very well in its safety tests, with the judges recommending it as the safest automobile in its class.

Drivetrain Performance

The Turbo is not a sporty saloon but an aggressive roadster with higher speed levels and higher fuel costs. To test its speed, the Porsche Team Europe drove the car at the Nurburgring in Germany, recording a speed of more than 300 km/h. The figures included a time for the pits, the car’s overall lap time, engine running pressure, and gas mileage. The results impressed the company so much that the firm has since extended its warranty to include additional accessories and a turbo upgrade. The Porsche 992 also features the most efficient engine ever developed for a sports vehicle, contributing to its overall performance and efficiency.


Fuel Efficiency 

At the same time, the new turbocharged engines allow for significant fuel savings over the traditional gasoline models. The Porsche 992 completes the test with the lowest fuel consumption of any model. It also features sportier handling, owing to the stiffening spring suspension and rear diffuser. Despite this, the firm insists on the durability of its new lightweight twin-rotor engine, which promises better performance over several miles.

Porsche 992 Carrera S Dms Performance Upgrade

One of our most popular upgrades for a good reason, the performance is transformed with our software upgrade and makes the Carrera S and 4S so much more exciting to drive with such a power increase. We also have a selection of upgraded exhaust systems from the likes of Akrapovic and others, for those clients that are looking for a bit more sound as well as performance, our ECU software and full exhaust system giving over 600 BHP on the Carrera S. Get in touch, and we can talk you through all the options.

Ponies from the new Porsche 992 turbo S.

It offers a standard of precision and durability never seen before in a sports car. Both the engine and transmission are fitted with the latest updates, contributing to greater power and performance than ever before. The combined effect of these two major components makes the Porsche 992 such a unique and desirable vehicle.

How much is a 992 Turbo S? 

The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S starts at $204,750, with the 911 Turbo S cabriolet starting at $217,550. They’ll arrive at dealers later this year, and if our spec were to arrive along with actual billionaires’ cars, it’d cost us $247,255


Styling has always been one of the defining features of a Porsche car. The engineers at Porsche have put them all into this project, producing something unique in the world of sports cars. From the sleek and aerodynamic Caritza Concept to the striking Gran Turismo S, there is no aspect of this car that does not deserve mention.

design and styling

New Recaro Prodrive aluminum body panels provide improved strength and rigidity by reducing air resistance around the front and rear of the car. The air channels are positioned behind the front wheel wells, using the same airfoil shape as the engine. This positioning improves airflow, directly benefiting from the increased cooling efficiency. A new rear diffuser also employs airfoil technology to decrease ground noise while improving downforce at the same time. The result is not only greater horsepower but also more aggressive handling.


The new Porsche 911 Turbo is built on a modular aluminum structure, making it stronger than any production car. This strength allows the turbocharged engine to be cooled without losing power while using the most efficient cooling system possible. Additional benefits come from installing the engine into a completely air-cooled, single-frame engine compartment. An optimized combustion chamber design allows for a higher level of cooling efficiency. It is possible to obtain maximum power through high-pressure injection, variable valve timing and aggressive exhaust tuning.



Currently, the Turbo is limited to being rated at only four hundred and fifty horsepower. That is not surprising when you consider the car’s traditional roots as a sports car. With a full body kit and a low drag design, it is easy to see why the Turbo would not achieve the same speeds that some of its competitors enjoy today. The 992 Turbo may not be the quickest P car, but it is one of its quickest classes.

Some may wonder why you would care how fast a Porsche is when you can just as easily ask the price. Of course, the price will vary depending on whom you ask, but a Porsche at the top of the charts with a price tag of one million dollars or more is certainly not inexpensive by any stretch of the imagination. For that reason, there are many considerations one should make when gauging the merit of different makes and models of Porsche, and one of them is horsepower. There are different ways that a Porsche may rank among the speed elite, and each has its pros and cons. For that reason, we’ll focus on the high-end and mid-level cars with the greatest horsepower available.