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New Porsche 911 R 2016 Review:

The Porsche 911 R sports vehicle is the fastest in the world. This car is a top-of-the-line sports car because of its powerful engine, exceptional speed and safety features. This article will explain the facts of this gorgeous vehicle and why it has so much popularity!


Porsche 911 R Specifications:

The 991 GT3 RS comes with a simple Carrera-style rear that’s reminiscent of the original 911. The 911 r may also include a front splitter and rear diffuser with many carbon-fiber cutouts by means of front and rear hoods and fenders. Following are the specifications:

Body Type:

This car comes with four doors, but it isn’t too big as the exterior of the Porsche gt3 rs is rather compact. The Porsche racing cars’ roof is made of magnesium sheet which makes them lightweight and agile.

Soft Top:

This r’s soft-top is lightweight and easy to use. Porsche’s roof converts from a fixed hardtop to an open-air design in 13 seconds. This makes it useful for temporary weather conditions, or as an added feature that enhances your driving experience.


This r’s the 4. 0-liter flat 6-cylinder boxer engine. Naturally aspirated, it is powerful and smooth. It also offers excellent fuel economy. It has a power output of 416 horsepower, and 368 lb. ft. Porsche 911s can travel up to 205 mph.The new 911 R sportscar uses four liters (naturally) of petrol. Porsche 911r is capable of reaching a top speed exceeding 195 mph (314 km/h).



Porsche 911 R’s six-speed manual gearbox allows it to go from 0-60 in only three seconds. The top speed is 198 mph!This r’s model features a dual-clutch automatic transmission. It allows the driver shift gears more quickly and efficiently.


The 911r model is rated at 400 hp with 295 lb-ft torque. The automobile also can reach speeds up to 193 miles per hour!


R’s, which measures 76 in, is the smallest car, with a length of 174 in, height of 50 inches and a wheelbase measuring 104.

Horsepower and Torque:

Porsche 911 R produces 450 horsepower at 7000 rpm, 339 ft. lbs, and 4750 rpm of torque.


The lightweight 911 turbo cars weigh less than 3000 pounds and have two-person seats. 911 r can be utilized by one person only, nonetheless it has four doors. R’s have a lightweight, double-bubble magnesium roof to curb weight. Porsche also replaced the die-cast emblem on the hood with vinyl, front axle live, and rear-wheel steering. Forged aluminum parts are used to create the 911 racing car’s wheels. The center lock retention system keeps the wheels in place. The right rear wheel has oil tanks, making them very light. It is the best exemplory case of a turbo car.

Convenience of Seating:

The Porsche gt model offers a seating capacity of two people in the front and two in the back, which can be just ideal for an enjoyable ride!Porsche’s classic bucket seats now come in Alcantara upholstery, rather than leather.

Safety Features:

The Porsche 911 gt3 rs has a safety rating of five stars from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, using its crash tests scoring well in every category. For individuals who want to feel the adrenaline rush and prevent skidding, this car includes standard airbags in the front, side-impact doors beams, stability control and traction control.


The Porsche 911 R has a power of 400 hp and produces 295 lb-ft torque. The Porsche 911 R is capable of reaching speeds of 193 mph. This car is fast and stable so you will have a blast driving it. Click Here To Check Pre-owned Inventory Of 2017 Porsche 911 Carrera Gts CabrioletYou will feel safe and safe in the Porsche 911 R because of its leather upholstery, climate control systems, and an onboard navigation system. In addition, it features anti-lock brakes and a rear spoiler.


This Porsche 911 R comes standard with several airbags to protect you in case of a collision.

Stability Control system:

2016 Porsche has a stability control system to keep you on the road in hazardous conditions and help avoid rollovers from any terrain or weather condition.

Traction Control System:

The car comes equipped with a traction control system that may keep you on the road and prevent you from spinning out.

Climate Control System:

Gt3 rs includes a climate system to keep you cool no matter the weather.This car has excellent safety features and speed with a powerful engine in two colors, silver or black. It really is one of the most expensive cars available on the market, at $180, 000.

Navigation Control System:

The navigation control system of the Porsche 911 model is very user-friendly and will not need you scrolling through pages to find your destination.With just a few clicks, the car’s GPS system can make it simple to navigate down unfamiliar streets.


Anti-Lock Brake:

Porsche 911 R comes with an antilock brake system. This allows drivers of Porsche 911 R to stop the car more easily. It can be set to an ecological mode for maximum fuel consumption.

Porsche GT3 RS:

The 911 R features a lot of technology in the front, including the GT3 RS-developed drive technology. All the lightweight structural components in the body and on the complete chassis belong to the 911 GT3.The driver is seated in carbon buckets and a panel of fabric in Pepita tartan design in the 1960s. The activity GT Sport Wheel provides a steering wheel with a diameter 360 mm and an Alcantara rim.


The Porsche 911 gt3 has many safety features to safeguard the driver, passengers, and pedestrians all the time, such as high-performance brake discs that are painted red on one side and silver on the other. Front airbags with an inner impact flap measuring three inches thick from the battery to driver for both riders are activated by a command to steer the vehicle. A. You can change the gears by using a simple R based shorter lever and the clutch pedal. The front spoiler lip has been replaced.This gt3rs sports car is among the most powerful on the market. It has many advantages, including its speed and safety features. Porsche 911 Classics in the Used Car Inventory

The Porsche 911 R sports vehicle is a stunning sports car, using its sleek exterior and beautiful design. This car is ideal for families because it has four doors and plenty of room! This beautiful Croatian machine is fast and has safety features that will keep you safe.


The Porsche 911 R interior is just as luxurious and impressive. The inside features leather trim, rendering it even more comfortable. The Porsche also comes with some amazing features such as air conditioning, power windows, sports seats that are comfortable and forgiving to your body on those long drives.

Porsche 911 R: The most iconic 911 group of all time.

911 R is a 911 GT3 RS model with a six gear manual transmission. It had been three times lighter than its predecessor, 911 G3 RS. They will be worth between $350, 000- $450, 000 four more years later.

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