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Used Porsche For Sale Under $20,000

Used Porsche For Sale Under $20,000

When shopping for used cars, you might think you have a limited amount of options. But there are several great choices out there for used Porsches that it seems like every make and model is available. Certified and pre-owned Porsche models can save you up to thousands over new models, and a wide selection means you can simply one-stop-shop for the exact used Porsche vehicle you have been looking for.

When buying your next luxury car, be sure to take some time to assess what exactly you want in your next car. Start by evaluating the kind of car you would personally enjoy driving around town with.

Used Porsches You Can Buy For $25,000

A fine German example with less than 100,000 miles can provide you with years of joy. Used markets usually offer Porsches as long as you keep them hand-me-down. Porsche drivers maintain cars at all nine times out of ten because they maintain proper maintenance. You'll also find a bug-eye 911 to be purchased for between $25,000. Here are 15 cool Porsche deals that we found under 1 week before the release. The best deal for a new 911 starts at $100,000, but there are plenty of "runny egg" 911's 924', and 941'.

Porsche 914 1970 ($15,995)

The 914 was very poorly- received when first unveiled. Relive the moment with this blood-red model with the 5-speed automatic restoration. It also had 260 miles on the old version. The car has 5,000 miles of manual transmission with manual versions of the 914 that can only be operated by automatic manual.

1977 Porsche 911 ($ 7,500)

A manual with 697,667 miles with a (mostly) straight body and floors. A garage find retrieved in 2002 is an ideal car for a construction project that someone has even started. And the old 1970s 911-era 911 can sell if restored to decent condition. You can sell 911 cars from the 1970s and later 1990s for $220,000. It is a manual 911 with a most definitely straight and muscular body.

Porsche 924 S, 1987 $789

A 924 s I4 in white with a black interior is a perfect chance of being part of a Porsche game. These classic body styles have long been in place, but prices are going too high. A powerful engine operates it. It has power steering and alloy wheels.

1994 Porsche 968 Convertible ($19,000)

The 992-acre 768 never was driven in snow or rain. It has been lovingly managed - garaged, kept - never smoked inside, and maintained by one driver. Everything is original, including the in-cab radio. The car looked well priced at $129,000 for the Porsche 968 convertible.

1999 Porsche 911 Carrera Cabriolet ($20,900)

The black-on-black 911 Carrera 2 coupe has 57,687 miles on her fine frame. The 3.4l HP6 DOHC 25V is fun. Porsche 911 Carrera has upgraded wheels and a drilling system. It looks rather nice. Porsche 911 Carrera is in good physical shape at 57,858 miles. It was driven in 1998 by Mercedes-Benz.

2001 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 AWD Convertible ($12,600)

It has just over 90 million miles and currently costs $3,900 less than the market. This deluxe vehicle has a manual H6 and one hell of a graphic package: monster tail leather seats and an audio cassette player for passengers wanting to travel. The 2001-911 Carrera 4 convertible is only $2,000 lower than the actual market.

2002 Porsche 911 Carrera Targa Coupe 2D ($19.99)

The 911 Carrera Targa is a great vehicle to drive. But this automatic car makes it a major difference for those - and you can spot a bit of road wear on the front. At less than $10,000, this black-on-black rocket will put you through the door of the cool kids club. The Porsche 911 Targa has just 699,000 miles, which is good value for a car that's not always coated in road wear.

2005 Cayenne Turbo ($8,999)

This 6 - speed automatic cayenne turbo comes with cool blue paint and a leather interior. All the equipment includes the AWD and heated seats to boot. It also comes standard with a 4.4L 6'6-cylinder automatic engine and leather upholstery.

2006 Porsche 911 Carrera S ($24,900)

The 911's have a top speed of 153 500. It has a body that you've always wanted, and it claims to be an expertly operated daily motor. The 911 comes in a hardtop car style, and has a car style that you like, but its retail price may be as high as $25,000.

2007 Porsche Cayman 2-Door Coupe ($19,500)

The 2007 Porsche Cayman features a six-cylinder 2.5 liter/164 gas burner with a gray interior. The low miles (43.889 miles) helped this sedan move in a hurry. This Porsche Cayman has ABS brakes, actuators and traction control systems for rear and side-by-side navigation. The Cayman is built from materials that include metal. The Porsche Cayman sports leather wing seats and front-wheel drive.

2007 Porsche Boxster Roadster ($11,997)

The Poor Man's 911 remains excellent and the perfect Porsche starter kit to jump back inside German-made sports cars. And this black off-black drop-top Porsche Boxster has an incredible 130,992 miles left on the odometer leaving enough life in this zippy 245hp engine.

2015 Porsche Macan S ($21,990)

The 2015 Dark Blue Metallic Porsche Macan-S is five years old, but it has 123,000 miles on its AWD-driven V6 automatic. It's packed full of features. The price is $21,990, representing a low entry point in a good ride for only $22,990. Macan is five years old and has over 110,000 miles on it. The cost of that is fairly low.

Specifications Of Cars For Sale:


The most important factor in choosing a used car is the engine currently in the car. Although different engines perform differently, there are five classes of engines that generally deliver power. These include:

  1. 1
    Gasoline engines, which are the most popular.
  2. 2
    Diesel engines, which tend to be more reliable than gasoline engines.
  3. 3
    Aluminum, which tends to be lighter weight.
  4. 4
    HHO, which burns gas naturally rather than gasoline.

If you're shopping for a used Porsche, any engine will fit into the price range you are looking for. However, if you are looking for low mileage, especially the engine, you may need to choose a different engine type.

Cylinders In Pre-Owned Cars:

Another significant feature to look for is the number of cylinders your engine has. When you buy a used Porsche, specific performance criteria are set for how many cylinders your engine can support. Cylinder capacity is an extremely important feature when purchasing a used vehicle because too little cylinder capacity can impact the car's overall performance. If you have an engine that requires less than 3.2 hours to service and requires you to change only three cylinders instead of five, then the engine is likely under-combined. It means it has fewer cylinders and, thus, less power than a full-combined engine would have.

Power Train:

If your Porsche needs more horsepower, you may want to consider replacing all the cylinders and putting in a big block or high lift steering. The power train is what determines how quickly your vehicle will go from point A to point B. Regarding the power train, the most important component is the flat 6 engine.

The engine, much like your car's transmission, is what makes a cargo, so it is very important to replace the transmission if you find that your Porsche is not fast enough. If you need a higher level of horsepower, then the best option for you is to purchase a replacement high lift steering pump or a twin-cylinder engine to accompany your new transmission.


Probably one of the biggest questions about owning a used Porsche is whether you will still be able to keep up with its interior. If you take your Porsche to a professional car detailer, they will be able to give you a good estimate on how long it will take to paint, clean, and wax your car. Usually, sports cars do not retain their interior very well.

 A professional detailer can also tell you what type of seating material you should choose, whether you should put it in leather or carpet, etc. If you plan to take your Porsche to a dealership to have it detailed, keep in mind that the price they quote you will almost always be based on a bare shell budget and not a complete interior restoration.


Another problem common to many used Porsches is the clutch. The clutch is probably the most expensive component of the engine because it is also the most abused. If you plan to keep your Porsche and drive it quite often, you should consider replacing your clutch. However, keep in mind that if you decide to replace the clutch yourself, you must remember that your previous maintenance records affect how long it takes to replace it.

Engine And Transmission:

Both the engine and transmission need to be serviced and inspected according to your vehicle's manual. While your mechanic will likely recommend an extended auto warranty for your vehicle, there are still a few things you should be aware of. For example, your engine is held together by several parts, including:

  • The Block
  • The Cylinder Head
  • The Crankcase
  • The Main Bearings
  • The Pinion/Spark Plug

Each of these parts has a specific rating. When they are out of whack, your engine can experience various issues such as misfire, flat-out emissions, excessive wear, burnt smelling emissions, smoke, and overheating.

Take A Test Drive To Check Engine Health:

The best way to diagnose your engine is to take it for a test drive. This will help you identify any problems with your vehicle's cooling system, oil pressure, or fuel consumption. If you need assistance with the repair of your Porsche, a reputable and experienced Porsche repair shop is happy and willing to help!

When you think of luxury, you think of high-priced toys. That is not always the case regarding buying a Porsche. A luxury car doesn't always mean a high-priced toy. If you know what you are looking for, plenty of excellent luxury cars are available without breaking the bank.

Contact Your Local Porsche Dealer:

Most new Porsche cars will have some warranty on them. There may be a coverage limit, but most warranties will last the car's life. The best way to find low mileage cars with good warranties is to contact a local Porsche dealer. They will have the information you need to locate good low-mileage cars at a great price.

There are plenty of choices regarding low mileage Porsche cars. You can choose from the popular Sport model, which has all the luxury features of the larger models and more comfort and safety features for drivers who drive a lot.

The Panorama model offers everything in between, including larger front and rear bumpers, smoother suspension, a sportier interior with a higher quality carpet, and larger and lower profile tires. The Caracas are well balanced, and the engines have low emissions and will keep your gas mileage in check if you plan to drive in heavy traffic or perform multiple tasks while on the road. The Caracas are designed for off-road use and street driving, so they are durable and strong. Caracas offers a five-year or unlimited mileage warranty to protect your investment.

One of the most popular lines of used Porsches is the red line, which represents vehicles that have been kept in excellent condition. They are well balanced with low mileage and will hold their value if purchased correctly. The test drive will allow you to get a feel for this specific car, and the dealer will give you a realistic evaluation of how long it will last if you purchase it from them. The test drive will also help you determine whether it will be a practical fit for your lifestyle and financial situation.

If you purchase a used car with a manual transmission, you will have to replace the clutch assembly and the driveshaft. The clutch assembly consists of a clutch disc, bushings, brake pad, master cylinder, and hydraulic clutch line. These pieces of equipment wear out over time and must be replaced before the car starts to run. The price of the clutch set will depend on the materials used and the manufacturer of the unit. If you choose to have the car rebuilt by a professional, the price will decrease since it will be a brand new set of clutch components.

Engine Management System:

One other component to check is the vehicle's engine management system. Many vehicles will have a 987A, AQ, B, or MC call sign stamped into the engine management console. This will indicate the age of the engine and the type of clutch assembly used. The older the engine, the more likely the engine management system will need to be serviced. A failed or worn-out IMS bearing will be a sure sign that your Porsche will need to be serviced soon.


It is quite common for newer vehicles to come with passenger-side airbags and side curtain airbags. All passenger vehicles will come with passenger seat belts and passenger-side airbags, but your Porsche will have a completely different set of options. The passenger-side airbag should have high-quality padding to protect the occupants of the vehicle. The side curtain airbags will be of lower quality and will only be used during low mileage cars. It is always best to confirm this information before purchasing your Porsche.


If your Porsche has the option of getting new tires and rims for its rear tires and the front tires, then, by all means, take the money and buy these new items. If your vehicle came standard with stock diameter tires, you would want to ensure that these are in good condition as you will need them for the life of your car.

You should always check your low mileage car's wheels and tires and any damage that may be present on them. If you can purchase a brand new replacement alloy wheels and tires for your Porsche, you will save yourself a lot of money and hassle. A used car that has been well maintained will always perform better than a car in poor condition.

If you have decided to buy a used Porsche, you will be putting up the exterior and interior of the vehicle as well. It is wise to do your homework beforehand and educate yourself on all the aspects of owning a used vehicle. The more you know before you go to purchase, the better decisions you will make.

Tips For Purchase:

Exterior paint for sports cars comes in a wide range of colors and quality levels. Focus on the practical aspects first and then consider the aesthetics before buying the vehicle. If you were tented before purchasing the vehicle, there are risks involved if you're not careful.

The first thing you should ask yourself is how important the sporty look is to you. Do you want a new sporty or is the new model to your liking? Think about how your friends would feel when they drive a new model. Do you want a more powerful engine or a more powerful plant? Think about your driving style. Think about your sporty personality as well as the way you feel when driving a new vehicle.

When you start looking at the different engines, you will see a variety of different options.

They come in two different types:

  1. 1
    The transaxle
  2. 2
    The parallel-line

The engine mounts the cylinder and moves up and down along the chassis. The difference between these two types of engines is the distance of the cylinder from the engine to the top of the chassis.

Transaxle Engine:

A Porsche engine with a transaxle engine has a taller cylinder and moves up and down along the chassis.

The Parallel Line Engine:

A Porsche engine with a parallel-line engine has a shorter cylinder and moves closer to the ground.

When your car has a larger engine, it can produce more horsepower, but it also requires a more powerful engine management system. With a flat six-cylinder, you can be assured that you will not break any velocity records when driving fast, especially with a manual transmission. If you have a manual transmission and need a powerful flat-six, consider replacing it with a powerful torque converter and put your money into a good strong torque converter.

Cooling System:

A strong cooling system with a fan to help cool the engine can keep your Porsche cool when driving at moderate to high mileage. This helps extend your engine life and protects your engine from damage in extreme mileage wear.

You don't want to replace your Porsche for low mileage because the fuel cost and the maintenance are more than making up the difference in gas mileage. When you drive a Porsche with low mileage, you sacrifice your vehicle's ability to perform like it was brand new. It takes more work to keep it running efficiently when you use it every day at low mileage, and you run into any mechanical problems.

When you decide on purchasing a used car, test drive it, so you know it inside and out. Test all moving parts such as the pedals, the brake pads, and the clutch. You should also take the car for a spin in the parking lot, behind the fence, and around your neighborhood. If you decide you want a used car with performance parts, make sure it comes with a certificate of car ownership. Also, make sure that the seller has thoroughly inspected any used cars you are considering.

Make Your Vehicle To Be Inspected By A Repair Shop:

When it comes time to buy a used Porsche, it is a good idea to take an independent repair shop with you to inspect and service your car. Your independent repair shop will be able to give you an honest report on the condition of the engine if you let them. The report should also tell you the age of the engine and give you some advice on whether the engine is worth buying. This information can save you hundreds of dollars to purchase a used Porsche if you consider buying a low mileage model.

Pre-Owned Porsche:

A Certified Pre-Owned Porsche is usually a late-model used Porsche vehicle or SUV approved for the CPO class. These pre-owned Porsche vehicles are evaluated by trained staff and given several benefits when they pass the inspection.

These vehicles are then put through a thorough Carfax report and a comprehensive Carstery and exterior inspection. If these high standards are met, the cars are then offered the benefits of a Certified Pre-Owned Porsche warranty and a complete CPO discount. In many cases, the benefits offered are worth thousands of dollars in savings. If you have invested in one of these cars, you should consider the investment in your future by protecting it with a warranty.

Although it may seem that buying a certified pre-owned car would cost you more money upfront, there are several savings to be found in this type of purchase. When you finance a used car, your monthly payments consist of finance charges, payment insurance, registration and license fees, and a few other small amounts. If you buy a new vehicle, your payments consist of your vehicle insurance, a few other small amounts, and the total loan amount. Financing a new vehicle can put you in debt before you even complete the vehicle purchase. This added risk puts you in the position of needing a new vehicle limited warranty while you finance the car.

Compare Prices Online To Find A Great Deal On A Certified Pre-Owned Porsche.

The internet provides a wide range of suppliers so that you can see payment options, including flat rate, lender finance, and low-interest loans. It would be best if you took the time to shop around as prices on Certified Pre-Owned Porsche cars can vary significantly between different sources. It is not uncommon to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for a Certified Pre-Owned Porsche. If you want to be sure you are getting the best deal possible, use the internet to comparison shop.

If you find the perfect Certified Pre-Owned Porsche for your situation, your next step will be to pick out the paint job. Most Certified Pre-Owned Porsches come standard in gloss black with tan highlights. Some models have additional paint colors such as blue, white, and red. Many manufacturers offer added features such as fog lights, hails, turn signals, spoilers, and rear wings. Find the exact model and add-ons that fit your budget and vehicle.

Special Offers:

Once you've found the perfect Certified Pre-Owned Porsche for you, check to see what specials the dealership has going on. Special offers can include deep discounts, manufacturer incentives, and service club deals. Sometimes, there may even be a chance to get an extended warranty on the vehicle. Most major automotive companies will have special offers to sell certified pre-owned vehicles. If you want to get an idea of the final price, you can contact a local dealer and ask about financing programs.

Good Certified Pre-Owned Porsche deal will be listed with the manufacturer, so you should see payment options. The vehicle should be priced based on the model, mileage, repair history, and body type. Find out if the seller is offering any incentive programs, including warranties, special offers, and so on. Sometimes, you can get a better deal by taking advantage of the manufacturer's incentive programs.

While you're at the dealership, you'll likely be offered a chance to test drive a Certified used car Porsche - including the Porsche Macan Base. This incredible vehicle came with a leather interior and tinted windows.

It has a huge 14.2 cup holder with three rows of seating. The exterior has touches of black leather upholstery and stunning headlights. The Certified Pre-Owned Porsche Macan Base includes all the options mentioned above - but with a lower price!


When it comes to getting the most out of your Certified Pre-Owned Porsche, the best way to do it is to find a great dealership. Make sure that you check out the features and benefits of all the vehicles you're considering. Look at the reputation of the company behind the vehicle as well as its pricing. You should feel confident that you're getting a real bargain when you pay for a Certified Pre-Owned Porsche - whether it's a new car or a used SUV.

Used Porsche For Sale Under $25,000

For more details about vehicles, full-service history, click on the link <<<

Porsche CPO Inventory

What Exactly is a CPO of a Car?

A certified pre-owned car (CPO) is a vehicle that has been utilized but is completely tested to provide you peace of mind before buying or leasing. It requires a 111-point investigation that incorporates everything from the exterior of the vehicle to the engine.

It would be best to remember that not all used Porsches can be considered for the CPO program.

Some companies rule that Only the latest model year vehicles and those of 13 previous model years from the earliest in-service date with less than 124,000 miles are acceptable.

Accepting a CPO Porsche begins with a few perks. The Porsche-approved rating indicates that you have a two-year unlimited mile warranty coverage after the termination of the new vehicle limited guarantee. It assures that the vehicle meets Porsche construction standards and that only reliable Porsche pieces have been used in the vehicle.

While you can buy and lease used Porsches without the CPO title, it gives you peace of mind linked with this inspection.

Porsche pre-owned CPO Inventory:

The vehicle that is less than 9 years old and bears our Porsche Certified seal has been professionally developed by our Porsche technicians using only Genuine Porsche parts. We summon this Porsche standard. Gratitude to the documented vehicle records, Porsche Approved Warranty, and Porsche Assistance (mobility guarantee) ensure more than just certified quality. They build trust.

Over time, they develop and assemble memories. They appreciate the things that have motivated them and proved their excellence to them. A Porsche automobile is not distinct. From interpretation, its purposes were to deliver pure driving satisfaction, flawless quality and absolute engineering sincerity. A Porsche Approved Certified Pre-owned Vehicle gives this dream precisely as it was meant.

Porsche CPO record this grade is given to pre-owned Porsche vehicles that satisfy the Porsche brand's quality criteria. This is how you can increase your choice between a new and a pre-owned vehicle by one extra option: a Porsche Approved vehicle.

Buying a Porsche Approved Certified Pre-owned Vehicle suggests that your dream will persist unbroken. They are so confident in high criteria that we put our name on it: Porsche Approved.

Porsche Approved means:

  • 2 Years / Unlimited Miles Warranty coverage after the termination of the new vehicle restricted warranty or from the date of purchase if the new vehicle restricted warranty has terminated
  • The vehicle matches the Porsche preparation measures.
  • The certification vehicle has been investigated following our 111-point checklist.
  • Porsche-trained technicians have performed all tasks.
  • Only Genuine Porsche components have been applied
  • A least of 12 months Porsche Approved Warranty and Porsche Support.
  • The vehicle meets the Porsche preparation standards.

Quality of Approved Certified Pre-owned Vehicles:

They're proud of their technicians, and no one knows a Porsche more fully than them. Severe mechanical and bodywork criteria must be met by every Porsche Certified vehicle. This is part of the accurate preparation method initiated before the sale. You can be guaranteed that your new Approved pre-owned Porsche has experienced service and preparation deserving of the Porsche name and matches the measures you would expect of us.

They control every Approved pre-owned Porsche to a thorough 111-point mechanical review, guaranteeing absolute mechanical honesty. Our professionals ' consideration of the organization will leave no stone unturned from the ABS to the tires, the windscreen wipers, and seat belts. If anything requires replacing, they will, of course, only ever use 100 % Genuine Porsche components. We'll carry out full assistance and even control the electrical functionality right down to the last detail if needed. As you would assume from Porsche, we don't end there; your vehicle will also undergo a full valet and ultimate inspection.

Certified Pre-owned Program Assistance:

Involved in the price of all Porsche Certified Pre-owned Porsche Cars is a portion of Porsche Assistance. Porsche roadside support presents complete cover in the unlikely event of a malfunction anywhere in your country. A Porsche customer service organization dedicated to Porsche customers is possible all year round. They will guarantee that the most suitable kind of support is sent to help you and serve you with onward transport and accommodation to meet your requirements. If your vehicle is collected, they can provide for you to have an inventory of Porsche cars. Also, provide  Breakdown support at home, work or roadside.

Onward travel and service if repairs cannot be performed at the roadside.They will provide services for the Recovery of your Porsche at their Porsche Centre.Protect storage if your Porsche cars need to be fixed

A gifted car while your Porsche is being restored. The Porsche Support is granted in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, UAE and Yemen, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Oman, Qatar.

Porsche Inventory Financial Services:

Porsche Financial Services has been giving typical Porsche support, service and peace of mind for over 25 years. They allow UAE-specific goods such as traditional finance and Islamic finance opportunities where we will act as your one-stop assistance provider, where you can profit from a 360˚ Porsche experience where they tailor everything to your specifications. Investment With their engaging finance solution, they can assist you in finding the quickest way to own your Porsche Approved pre-owned car.

Their conventional Finance resolution is a pure but highly flexible choice, enabling you to increase payments over a definite period. At the end of the contract, you will own the vehicle. Because they know your values are affected, they are happy to introduce Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Yemen to you. Islamic Banking stock with all the specialties and perks that you expect without agreeing on your principles. Your Porsche Centre will be pleased to present you with further knowledge and detailed information at any time. Only available in the UAE.

Porsche CPO Warranty: 

The elongated Porsche certified Warranty. About 10 years of coverage – without any mileage restriction during the contract duration. Your Porsche holds a unique place in their heart. And most suitable not only in yours. With their elongated Porsche Approved Warranty, you can experience the sensation of driving your Porsche – while retaining full peace of mind. Because no wonder how much you – or anyone else – drive your Porsche: The elongated Porsche Approved Warranty has you embraced.

The Porsche Approved Warranty can be arranged:

  • A New Car Warranty,
  • After strongly completing a 111-point check, an existing Porsche Approved Warranty if your vehicle does not have any Porsche warranty protection or when buying a Porsche Approved Pre-Owned Car.

The Porsche guarantee (possible for vehicles up to their 10th year and with mileage not surpassing 200,000 km) comprises all components of your Porsche for 12, 24 or 36 months (36 months except for South Africa, Algeria, Pakistan, and Tunisia). Defending you from unanticipated repair costs – and gratitude to their combined mobility guarantee, Porsche Assistance, the assistant, is always near, wherever you are.

Professional improvements brought out by certified Porsche technicians using only genuine components guarantee the Porsche longevity and maintain the value of your Porsche. In the case of a resale, the Porsche Approved Warranty still enhances the value of your Porsche, as it is fully transferable and the car is traded personally or to a Porsche Centre.

Benefits of the Porsche Approved Warranty:

  • All part repairs are covered, including parts and labor.
  • Global validity
  • Redeemable in every Porsche club.
  • Free duration: 12, 24 or 36 months (36 months except for Algeria, Pakistan, South Africa and Tunisia).
  • No extra to pay.
  • No mileage limit during the warranty duration.
  • Full coverage for Porsche vehicles up to 10 years old.
  • Only Porsche original parts are practiced.
  • Straight forward guidance
  • Full transferability if traded privately or to a Porsche Centre
  • Porsche Assistance movement guarantee involved

For us, understanding your trust involves presenting, alongside its benefits, the areas in which the warranty does not implement and why. One such field of separation concerns natural age-related variations that do not alter your vehicle's performance (like cracks in the leather). The warranty also does not include certain functionally related parts subjected to natural wear and tear. Since these variations do not develop material defects, they are consequently eliminated from the Porsche Approved Warranty. These elements should therefore be examined regularly within scheduled assistance and maintenance intervals and repaired if required.

The following elements are not incorporated if they must be fixed or replaced due to aging or normal wear and tear:

  • Wiper edges
  • Tires
  • Brake pads and brake discs
  • Shock absorber
  • Clutch disc and clutch restraint plate
  • Driving belt including tensioning guide rails and roller
  • Spark connections
  • Batteries
  • PDCC storage
  • Coolants
  • All light bulbs (except Xenon and LED lights)
  • All filters, fluids, oils and greases

Guaranteed Auto Protection:

  • If your Porsche has announced a total loss due to an accident, theft, or natural disaster, your security company might reimburse you only for your vehicle's assessed worth. In conclusion, there could be a meaningful gap between what your insurer funds and the balance you kept on your Retail Contract plus your guarantee deductible.
  • Porsche Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) safeguards you by waiving the distinction between your primary insurance agreement and the exceptional balance on your vehicle's financing.
  • Possible on new, pre-owned, and Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned vehicles on Porsche Financial Services Retail Installment Sales Contracts at the time of vehicle buying only.
  • Recognizing the risks connected with theft, collision, and natural disasters, Porsche GAP can help put Retail Contract needs and insurance deductibles after you in the event of a total disaster.

Can you Buy a Porsche CPO?  

The latest model year vehicles and those of thirteen previous design years from the original in-service date with less than 124,000 miles are available for the Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned Program. Purchasing a Porsche Approved Certified Pre-owned Vehicle suggests that your dream will persist unbroken.

Certified Pre-Owned Cars for Sale at Porsche:

Here is the list of some well-designed and attractive certified pre-owned Porsche.

Certified Pre-Owned 2019 Porsche Cayenne S


2019 Porsche Cayenne S Blue S AWD 8, Speed Automatic with Tiptronic One Owner, Local Trade, Non-Smoker, Heated Multifunction Steering Wheel, 14-Way Power Seats w/Memory Pack. The Ambient Lighting, Automatically Dimming Mirrors, BOSE Surround Sound System, Comfort Access, Heated Front Bottoms, Lane Change Assist (LCA), LED Headlights w/PDLS, Premium Package.

Certified CARFAX Owner:

Clean CARFAX. Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned Items:

  • Warranty Deductible: $0
  • Covers Trip Check reimbursement
  • Restricted Warranty: 24 Month/Unlimited Mile break after new Porsche car warranty terminates or from the certified purchase date
  • Negotiable Warranty
  • 111 Point Inspection
  • Roadside Support


  • JD Power Automotive Performance, Performance and Layout (APEAL) Study
  •  2019 10 Best Luxury SUVs 
  • 2019 Brand Image Awards
  • 2019 Best Resale Value Awards

Certified Pre-Owned 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo:


Certified pre-owned Porsche page 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo White color Turbo AWD 2-Speed Automatic One-Owner, Regional Trade, Non-Smoking, permanent Panoramic Roof in Glass, Front & Rear Park Assist w/Surround Way, Ionizers.

  • Lane Change Assist (LCA), Mobile Charger Connects
  • On-Board 150 kW/400V DC Charger
  • Porsche InnoDrive w/Adaptive Cruise (ACC)

Premium Packages, Sport Chrono Package, Storage Package, Thermally & Noise Insulated Glass. Electric ZEV 670hp

Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned Features:

  • Roadside Support
  • Restricted Warranty: 24 Months/Unlimited Mile opening after the new car warranty terminates or from the certified purchase date.
  • Warranty Deductible: $0
  • Covers Trip-Interruption compensation
  • Transferable Guarantee
  • 111 Point Inspection

Certified Pre-Owned 2018 Porsche 718 Boxster GTS:


2018 Porsche 718 Boxster and GTS Carmine Red GTS, 7-Speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK), Local Trade, Non-Smoking, Porsche Doppelkupplung, Heated Multitask Steering Wheel, Lane Change Assist, 14-Way Power Sport Seats, BOSE Support Sound System, Memory Package and Navigations Set up.


Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned:

  • Limited Warranty: 24 Month/Unlimited Mile starts after the new Porsche car warranty expires or from the certified purchase date
  • Roadside Support
  • 111 Point Inspection
  • Warranty Deductible: $0
  • Negotiable Warranty
  • Covers Trip-Interruption compensation


  • 2018 10 Most Granted Brands
  • 2018 Brand Image Awards

Certified Pre-Owned 2018 Porsche Macan Base


2018 Porsche Macan Base Rhodium,Metallic Silver AWD 7-Speed Porsche Doppelkupplung (PD, Local Trade, Non-Smoking, ABS brakes, Alloy wheels, DVD-Audio, Electronic Stability, Front dual zone A/C, Heated door mirrors, Lighted entry, Low tire stress warning. 

Porsche Communication Management, Power Liftgate, Remote keyless entry, Traction control. 2.0L I4 Turbocharged

CARFAX One-Owner:

Clean CARFAX. Porsche Approved Certified Pre-Owned Items:

  • Warranty Deductible: $0
  • Roadside Assistance
  • 111 Point Inspection
  • Includes Trip Interruption reimbursement
  • Portable Warranty
  • Restricted Warranty: 24 Month/Unlimited Mile opening after new Porsche car warranty terminates or from certified purchase date


  • JD Power Vehicle Dependability Study (VDS)
  • 2018 Best Resale Value Awards
  • 2018 10 Most Fun SUVs
  • 2018 Brand Image Grants
  • 2018 10 Most Awarded Brands

What is a good time to Purchase a used Porsche? 

With the brand new driving more Porsche cars than ever, it's a great time to purchase a used Porsche. Even those with families to turn around needn't worry, as there's a variety of larger Porsches for every taste. Track-focused or family-focused, there are discounts to be had on so much of the brand's range.

Lease vs. Retail Finance:

Porsche Financial Services gives a variety of customizable resolutions for drivers who know precisely what they require. The equal power, confidence, and command you experience after the wheel of a Porsche vehicle can be observed in every step of our process, assisting make your dream a reality.

You'll find investment options, optional stock offerings, and interests through Porsche Financial Services, as well as solutions to many common questions.

Porsche Financial Services allows lease and retail finance opportunities that fit your lifestyle, enabling you to focus on driving expertise.

Retail Finance:

Financing through Porsche Financial Services means no mileage restrictions on your vehicle, may involve no up-front cash payment requirement and keeps you in control of your vehicle's future once fees are finished at Porsche.


Leasing through Porsche Financial Services offers grants flexible terms and mileage benefits to meet your needs. Monthly lease returns are typically lower than retail finance debts when connected over the same course, and lease customers may become available for attractive support programs.

Can you lease a Porsche CPO? 

You can lease Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) Porsches that are more limited than five years old and have been through the Porsche 111-point investigation. Leasing a used Porsche lets you save some money and examine it out for a few years before getting a significant financial commitment.


Operators who offer certified Porsche Retail Price receive price alerts. Eliminates options; taxes; title; registration; control, processing and handling fee; dealer management. The dealer gives the actual selling price. While great effort is made to guarantee the accuracy of the knowledge on this site, mistakes do occur, so please check information with customer service.

With certified credit, you can review Porsche's availability certified pre-owned and check pre-owned Porsche vehicles from the Porsche CPO and CPO inventory. Porsche Terms and offers may vary. Monthly payments are only supposed to be derived from the vehicle price with a 72-month term, 5.9% interest and 20% down payment.

Based on 2020 EPA mileage ratings. Use Porsche inventory for identification purposes only. Your genuine mileage suggestions will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.

Local Porsche Dealers

Porsche Premier Dealer Listing: 

The following are local Porsche dealer franchise companies or dealerships in Florida that help lease specials, Porsche. Dealers assist such as new & pre-owned vehicle sales, upgradation and maintenance, recall & guarantee work and are the most reliable authorization for accurate replacement Porsche components. here are some of the local dealers in Miami, Florida are listed:

  • Bert Smith International
  • Capital Eurocars
  • Champion Porsche
  • Porsche Jacksonville
  • Porsche Fort Myers
  • Porsche Naples
  • Porsche of Melbourne
  • Porsche of Ocala
  • Porsche of Destin
  • Porsche of Tampa
  • Porsche Orlando
  • Porsche West Palm Beach
  • The Collection

Champion Porsche:

The Champion Porsche was established in 1988; it became the most considerable Porsche Dealership in the country, a point that they have endured ever since. Across the last 33 years, they have turned their enthusiasm for luxury and fulfillment into what is instantly the number 1 Porsche Dealer in America. Now, they purchase, sell, and serve new Porsche carriers worldwide, but they are also considerably more than that. In reality, their 22-acre campus works as a pivotal hub for Porsche's everything for the more famous Pompano Beach area. Of course, this involves vehicle trades, but it also incorporates rich sporting records and rehabilitation, Porsche Tequipment associates, genuine Porsche Driver's Preferred gear, and a world-class maintained Porsche update.

Their position as an industry guide is a matter of great satisfaction and attention to them. To better assist Porsche enthusiasts throughout, their dealership has converted a museum for the Porsche legacy. When they aren't replacing historic Porsche designs, you might find them finishing the Champion's Le Mans Winning Driver Helmet Performance. Here, you will search various helmets from each single 24 Hours of Le Man's champion in the records of Champion Racing adjacent to numerous racing awards, including the 24 Hours of Le Mans Trophy.

While touring their dealership, you won't need to abstain from their Porsche boutique. They provide the most advanced Driver's Select attire from jackets to children's toys and everything else you may require to correctly represent your enthusiasm for the brand. Along with their record of designer clothing, they have the most advanced Collection of Porsche Tequipment to present your car the uniqueness it earns. As the frosting on the cake, they also provide the most extensive catalog of Porsche-approved tires in the southeast United States. Whether you are viewing your ideal car or required to learn more concerning Porsche, we support you to stop in, and we look forward to accompanying you.

Virtual Tour of Porsche Macan, Porsche Cayenne, Porsche Dealer:

Porsche - unlike any vehicle you'll always drive. With the enhancement of their recently built showroom, entire campus renovation and their modern Porsche Driver's Selection boutique, they are like no other dealership you'll ever go to.

There can only be one term on your mind when it happens to the most exquisite in artistry, technology, and exclusivity. Porsche. When it reaches to purchasing or maintaining your Porsche, there can only be one goal for you to think of, Champion Porsche. Our certified trades specialists, the most highly qualified service professionals in the industry, the highest inventory of Porsche components and associates and an ongoing devotion to customer care all set us aside from the group. If you don't believe them, Stop in and see!

Porsche West Palm Beach:

The place where your satisfaction is their highest preference. They guarantee to present you with the most accurate luxury automotive activity found in any place. Braman Motorcars has been assisting South Florida and beyond for more than 20 years as an approved Porsche section based in West Palm Beach, FL.

Their expert, highly-trained team considers your time and is performed to ensure you recognize the most proper new or pre-owned luxury vehicle for your lifestyle. And, because they admire your time, They'll willingly present a test ride at your residence or office. You'll like a world-class experience at all of our Porsche Service positions. They'll consistently answer your parts requirements on time, and our subsequent purchases and lifestyle vehicle assortment will satisfy your production auto purposes in a practice that is solely Braman.

Special Event Invitations and More:

As a Porsche West Palm Beach customer, you'll be requested to visit particular social events, such as Sunday Polo, offering driving displays, vehicle ship companies, and more.

You'll also gain access and privileges to Club Braman, their particular members-only club.

Your Premier Luxury Automotive Experience Awaits at Porsche West Palm Beach

They are a trader to world-renowned luxury auto exposure and Porsche, consistently giving finance and Porsche contract specials on class-leading agencies. They're quick to allow the world's first-ever electronic supercar, the Porsche 918 RSR — all of which are in extension to their dedication to your complete comfort. So if you're endeavoring to obtain or service your fresh or pre-owned Porsche, prefer the Porsche dealer side that presents the greatest benefit, vast selection, and the most pleasant experiences everywhere.

The Collection Porsche:

Get to Know about the Collection Porsche:

At The Collection Porsche, they greet you to reach out to them to look deeper into all models of Porsche that they have to offer up. They have a tremendous variety of sources for our neighbors in the Miami, South Miami, Coral Gables and Brickell, FL states to return. When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, whether it is a taycan, a Macan or attending to the one you already own, you will have no problem performing your responsibilities. We have so many excellent choices; we decided that they would provide you with the features to find instant success by earning your best Porsche.

Their Team:

The Collection Porsche in Coral Gables is performed by a dedicated organization of factory-trained experts Porsche dealers and supporters who are enthusiastic about Porsche. Plus, the Porsche administration team alone possesses 158 connected years of experience in Sales and Service. Our factory-certified staff's aim is to make your business by beating your expectations time and time again. Whether you are analyzing a new Porsche, approved pre-owned Porsche or used Porsche, they have the best record in stock and are ready for shipment.

Their  Passion:

At The Collection Porsche, they have been working on Coral Gables, Brickell, Downtown Miami, Aventura, Coconut Grove, Key Biscayne, Miami, Miami Beach and Pinecrest for more than 35 years. Their enthusiasm is to present you with the most exceptional pre-owned vehicles and the new Porsche car shopping encounter. The Collection Porsche holds one of the most crucial Customer Satisfaction experiences in the country. With a whole focus on customer requirements, The Collection provides to consumers who require outstanding settings like pre-owned vehicles for which The Collection has grown familiar.


At The Collection, Porsche is a certified pre-owned business. They pride themselves personally in trading with Porsche service Porsche lovers, building long-term connections with their clients, and managing their valuable clients like segments of their family because they are family to them. They intend to satisfy customers in a classic car shopping atmosphere with worthy customer assistance regularly at the forefront.

Available Services:

At The Collection Porsche, everything is beneath one roof - Sales, Service and Pieces. Porsche maintains a robust in-house service with 20 air-conditioned assistance bays, 16 Porsche Certified and six Gold Level professionals and four dedicated Porsche Certified service advisors. And, while you maintain your Porsche, you can experience their appreciative facilities such as a full-service concierge partner, children's playroom, assistants boutique, customer lounge with free Wi-Fi, snacks, drinks, and valet parking.

Their Success Story:

The Collection possesses a Porsche fan support in Miami of more than 5,000 Porsche operators. Most of which are faithful clients and friends who buy or lease their Porsches from us time and over. We encourage you to follow our "collection" of loyal Porsche operators today. they provide services for the models like; Panamera Porsche, Porsche Macan Porsche, Porsche cayenne Porsche, taycan pre-owned vehicles.

Vehicle Records:

They are very keen to show off an extraordinary variety of transport inventories. They love the exciting opportunities that you can get on and enjoy, and they are very excited to assist you in making the most beneficial possible option. They have a long listing of a new model that is available to provide you with the exciting activity you crave, as well as lots of certified pre-owned designs that you can assume through and through. Whatever you assume, they have got your back.

Financial and Service Departments:

Another idea that you can turn to them is because of the unbelievable business department that they have prepared for you. This department will lead you through the purchasing process and can assist you in preparing the support that you require. They advise you to turn to their assistance center when you require routine support or even more powerful vehicle inspection. With true specialists on hand, you can enjoy trust with every appointment.

At The Collection Porsche, they embrace the citizens of Key Biscayne and Kendall, FL, to reach out to them today with any issues that you may have.

Porsche | North Miami Beach, FL

Since 1948, when Ferdinand Porsche first started production on what would become the Porsche 356, this iconic automaker has maintained a position within the business that very few competing producers can claim. Porsche possesses a fabulous lineup of prestigious designs, and not only is its remarkable coat-of-arms logo among the most recognizable figures on the planet. They along with price and owned vehicles view from the north area too.

Preferably, Porsche describes the height of German engineering, blending style and all-world production in ways that only become more powerful with time. The luxury sports cars such as the 911 and Cayman allow it to stand in excess. While newer extensions to the lineup, such as the Panamera and Cayenne, show without a suspicion that the creativity at Porsche is anything but dry. Please make an appointment with Prestige Imports to check out our list of Porsche models in North Miami Beach, FL.

Capital Eurocars - Porsche:

As the local car dealership in Tallahassee, FL, Capital Porsche is known for its selection of luxury sports cars, sedans, and SUVs and its dedication to customer gratification. The partners at their Porsche dealership go above and beyond to present an exciting choice of new, used, and certified pre-owned vehicles. In addition to creating a state-of-the-art service center and excellent finance team.

They are assured that we have the vehicle you've always been required to drive, and our in-stock selection gives you plenty of luxurious options. Please browse our selection of new and used Porsche designs virtually on our online program that highlights innovative tools to evaluate your trade-in, calculate monthly installments, and schedule service. With the Capital Fast Buy program, their Porsche dealership makes obtaining or leasing new and used cars in Tallahassee even easier. From the site of your own home, you can talk with their sales and finance professionals, select multiple trims of our new and used vehicle selection, fill out a no-obligation credit statement and opt for home delivery.

dealership in Tallahassee

Each vehicle on many of our Porsche dealership issues with the Capital Confidence Plan that presents their valuable customers with a powertrain warranty, CarFax report, free and clear title, 101-point examination, and a no-hassle replacement policy. Feel great about driving off the lot of our Porsche dealership in an all-new Porsche Cayman, 911 or Cayenne, knowing that your vehicle issues with a guarantee from their car dealership in Tallahassee, FL.

Porsche Melbourne in Florida:

Porsche Melbourne assists the needs of luxury sports car partners to the Central Floridas site. Your local Porsche dealer in Brevard County knows that their customers have great expectations regarding purchasing one of these luxury vehicles and, when the time arrives, making adjustments to have routine maintenance performed at their state-of-the-art service department.

Genuine Porsche Parts & On-Site Service Department

The parts department is stocked with comprehensive OEM Porsche pieces to help maintain your car operating smoothly. Along with this, our assistance department is staffed by a team of the most expensive, most highly qualified and skilled service technicians in the area. Each team member has experienced rigorous factory-training both here in the U.S. and in Germany to guarantee that no one understands your Porsche properly. You can presume our service department to hold your vehicle running as easily on the day you buy it in as it did on the day you obtained it from them. Their mission is to retain your Porsche running like new for as long as you have it and longer.

Porsche Fort Myers:

The mission of Porsche fort Myers is to surpass your expectations of an automobile and an auto retailer. Just as the Porsche vehicles they give a class by themselves, Porsche Fort Myers also stands apart from other retailers, as evidenced by their incomparable brand of first-class customer service. Their dedication to presenting the perfect best luxury automotive adventure begins when you first enter the doors of our spacious showroom and continues for as long as you own your vehicle. The whole staff of gracious and dedicated specialists of Porsche Fort Myers is looking forward to welcoming you as their guest and to answering all your luxury automotive eagerness.

Although there are various benefits to buying your Porsche from their dealership, whether or not you buy a Porsche here or elsewhere makes no exception when it comes to making premium Porsche service. When your vehicle needs maintenance or renovation, you'll find there is nobody more able than the friendly staff of the Porsche service center, Porsche parts department, body shop and accessories of Porsche Fort Myers. Every member of their staff is reaching out to support you with your vehicle maintenance requirements. In addition, even if you don't drive a Porsche, you can still take advantage of their expertise as their technician's service all makes and designs!

As part of their dedication to managing every customer like a V.I.P, Porsche Fort Myers welcomes you to start your investigation of the world of Porsche with their easy-to-use website. Browse their extensive inventory of new and certified pre-owned Porsche vehicles, create your own Porsche and then attend our many other departments to see how truly complete the service at Porsche Fort Myers is. You'll notice that you can do everything from presenting a credit request on their secure web page to estimating your trade-in value.

Porsche Fort Myers is convinced that we have your ideal vehicle in their comprehensive selection of Porsche sports and luxury cars. However, if we do not currently have the exact Porsche you require, contact Porsche Fort Myers. One of their dedicated benefit agents will determine the specific model you're looking for and make all the patterns to save it for you. However, if you prefer the special touch, feel free to call Porsche Fort Myers and consider your options with their friendly sales staff. After that, click on the directions tab for contact data and easy-to-follow interactive driving directions to visit Porsche Fort Myers, where they look forward not just to serving you but to exciting you as well.

Bert Smith International:

Bert Smith International in St. Petersburg, FL, Tampa Bay's home of riding excitement, satisfies the requirements of each customer with final concern. They understand that you have high expectations, and as Porsche dealers, they enjoy the challenge of meeting and beating those rules every time. Let them show their commitment to perfection!

Their experienced sales staff is excited to share their knowledge and passion with you. They encourage you to peruse their online inventory, schedule a test drive and review financing choices. You can also demand more information about a vehicle using our online form or by calling.

If you don't see a distinct vehicle, click on CarFinder and finish the form. They will happily inform you when a relative car comes. If you'd like to see a vehicle in person, click on Dealership: Regulations for step-by-step driving directions to the site, or give them a call. They look forward to serving you!

Porsche of Destin

Porsche of Destin is a member of the Gregg Orr Automotive family of dealerships following Destin, Panama City, Niceville, Fort Walton and Gulf Coast.

All of their experts are eager to showcase the knowledge and expertise that continue to bring customers to their center from around the country.

The specialty is new and pre-owned Porsche designs, including fresh trade-ins and off-lease models with extremely low miles, comprehensive service histories and all books, keys, and documents. All of our pre-owned vehicles hold the Porsche-Factory-Backed Certified Pre-Owned Warranty highlighting guaranteed OEM parts, special considerations and "peace of mind" full coverage anywhere you operate in the USA.

The service and members staff of Porsche of Destin are devoted to 100% customer comfort, proven by the recommendations and testimonials of their customers.

The best place to find a used Porsche? 

Porsche Pre-Owned Portal. It appears obvious but usually overlooked is the Porsche dealer network. Used Porsche Auctions. There are several auction websites devoted to selling used cars. Buy Straight From Porsche Enthusiasts. Independent Used Porsche Sales Professionals.

Is it good to buy a used Porsche?

With the brand new moving more cars than ever, it's a fabulous time to buy a used Porsche. Even those with families to ride around needn't worry. There's a variety of larger Porsches for every taste. Track-focused or family-focused, there are deals to be had on so much of the brand's limit.

They will provide the browser for easy search for plenty of Panamera, taycan, Macan pre-owned vehicles.

Do Porsche dealers negotiate the price?  

At  Porsche dealers, a guide plan invites customers to buy, haggle, and complete paperwork online, only opening the dealership to pick up the car. With Porsche's new U.S. program, shoppers will be able to find a car, negotiate payment, and fill out the paperwork online.

Pre Owned Porsche Dealer Near Me In Miami

Porsche Cars Miami: From a Premium Sports Car to a Luxury SUV

If you're looking for an ideal car, Porsche Cars Miami is the spot to be. There are many options for both new and used cars so they have something for everybody. The Collection Porsche has just the vehicle you will need, no matter whether you are looking to buy a new sports car or a luxurious SUV.

Pre-owned Porsche

Champion Porsche has a great selection of pre-owned certified cars for sale in Miami, Florida. Porsche cars are worth a go. Porsche cars are famous for their power and sporty exteriors, as well as their luxurious interiors. We trust you as your trusted dealer in used Porsches.

Porsche dealer in miami

To schedule a test drive, please contact us either in person or online. Our knowledgeable sales staff are available to assist you with finding the right vehicle for you. For a complete inventory of used cars, visit Porsche West Broward. Please visit our used car listings for a complete inventory of used cars.Read more about to click here

Porsche Models

All New and Used Porsche Models 911 Macan Cayenne Porsche Models 911 Turbo Porsche Boxster Porsche Models 911 Macan Cayenne Porsche Models 911 Macan Cayenne Porsche Models 911 Macan, taycan turbo Porsche Models Boxster Porsche Models 911 Macan Porsche Models 911 Macan, Boxster Porsche Models 911 Macan, Boxster Porsche Models 911 Macan, turbo Porsche Models Boxster Porsche Models 911 Macan, Boxster Porsche Models 911 Macan, Boxster Porsche Models 911 Macan Browse our new Porsche models. You can find our guide to help you choose the right model for you.

Porsche dealer

There are many styles to choose from when buying used Porsche luxury cars. Using its innovative features, electric -Taycan will be equipped for the future. Our 718 Porsche Boxster sports vehicle is bold and powerful, with 300 horsepower. It had been unveiled at Geneva Motor Show 2015. It is now available to lease or purchase.

The Porsche Cayman is a two-door turbocharged 718 variant; the vehicle has increased power and torque, and it would be most enjoyed by drivers looking for higher engine speeds. Due to its sport-oriented cockpit, it also consumes less fuel.

Navigation System, Heated Mirrors & Heated Seats Cruise Control, Power Steering and Parking Sensors, Leather Seats. The Porsche 911 coupe is a two-door coupe.

Porsche Dealer Inventory Pre Owned

The 2018 Porsche Macan, a compact crossover, starts at $47, 800. 00. It offers faster acceleration and better handling than other models, which is a great option for drivers who desire a more capable vehicle. All vehicles include all-wheel drive and a sevenspeed automatic. You can find attractive lease deals to meet your needs.

The Porsche Cayenne features a cleaner design and intelligent driver assistance systems. The 2018 Panamera has five powertrain options that are paired exclusively to a new eight-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission. The new twin-turbo Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo engine, which is lighter and more compact, has all of the power, poise, technology, and versatility that you'll require.

Miami and is equipped with intelligent driver assistance systems. Our used and Certified Porsche models will save you thousands over brand-new models, and our vast selection means you are able to one-stop shop to find the exact used Porsche model you've been searching the Miami and Coral Gables area for. Porsche Models For Sale in Key Biscayne and South Miami. You can expect more than only a great deal on hard-to find sports cars and luxury SUVs.

It can be difficult to find the right payment option. However , our team will continue to work with you to find something that fits your budget.

You have many financing options, so you can feel confident that you are getting a plan that is right for you personally. If you're not sure what to do next, we will help you understand certain points.

You are able to ask any questions you may have about the purchasing process. We're here to assist you, and we wish you to be happy with our services.

We're the largest Porsche dealership, with the largest inventory nationwide. We are able to find an ideal Porsche to fit your lifestyle.

Replacement Parts and Maintenance Services

Collection Porsche does more than selling a car. We also provide a large number of services and parts if you need them. Our team of professionals and experts will deliver quick bodywork.

porsche dealer parts

You can travel to our website to learn more about our cars and services or give us a call for a scheduled appointment. Drivers around Miami and South Miami should stop by soon and see all that we have to offer. We look forward to seeing you in Kendall or the Florida Keys.

Pre-Owned Porsche Luxury Cars Miami

If you are in search of a quality used luxury vehicle, then this is the right place for you personally.

Our dealership is available to support you in finding the right car for you. Front Head Air Bag, HD Radio, HID headlights, Hard Disk Drive Media Storage, Headlights-Auto-Leveling, Heated Mirrors, Knee AirBag, Navigation System, Pass-Through Rear Seat, Passenger Illuminated Visor Mirror, Passenger Vanity Mirror, Power Driver Seat, Rain Sensing Wipers, Rear Bucket Seats, Rear Parking Aid, Rear Spoiler, Requires Subscription, Satellite Radio, Smart Device Integration, Tire Pressure Monitor, Tires - Front Performance,

Used and new cars for individuals who enjoy a thrilling ride every time. Our dealership has a great collection of Porsche cars for you to pick from.

You are visiting Coral Gables, and you are looking for a top-quality vehicle to take home. The Collection Porsche has a wide range of new and used Porsches that will delight enthusiasts.

No matter if you are looking for a spacious SUV such as the Cayenne, or a sportsy 911 or Cayman we have something for everyone.

Save on your premium motoring dreams with a Pre-owned vehicle

Porsche offers an easier alternative to searching the shopper's list for a few pre-owned vehicles. The model. Porsche certified models will help you save yourself thousands on new models.

We've a huge selection so you can easily find the Porsche car you need in virtually any area. We carry a big selection of certified Porsche models and used Porsche cars throughout Miami and Miami, Florida.

Are you looking for a great vehicle to take home?

The Collection Porsche features both used and new Porsches, sure to please all Porsche enthusiasts. First-time buyers and experienced drivers alike will enjoy testing our varied models here, and we like to carry something for everyone.

Our professional team can help you develop a specific idea if you don't know what you prefer. Quality customer service is something we strive to provide if you are from Brickell or beyond, and we will work with you to ensure you find what you're after.

Our online service booking system allows you to make an appointment for service. We also offer touch-free service appointments for total peace of mind. This is a fair deal. Paperwork will be provided for you.

No cost drop-off out of your home (195). Read more The staff at this dealership is happy to provide a courtesy service that includes delivering your new car within 25 miles of the dealership, free of charge.

Visit our website today to find out more about all of the amazing vehicles we have in stock.