991 Porsche VS Porsche 992

Porsche 991 VS Porsche 992

Noticing one more milestone in the heritage of the Porsche 911, the 992-gen shows the best and newest development of the entire world’s most renowned sports vehicle. Initially launched in 2012, the amazing 991-gen helped carry the 911 into the long run with powerful overall performance as well as a customized interior. The Porsche 992 remains true to its lineage when continuing the development of the Porsche-911. If you are interested in how both of these generations vary from each other, Sewickley Porsche has put together this in-depth comparison that looks at the 992 and 991 side by side to show major variations. Let us take a close look.


Front – At the front end, you will notice sharper and clearer hood edges rather than curves. Rectangle-shaped air vents switch the oval-shaped overall look of its forerunner. Its sculpted hood comes back also, paying honor to 911 versions of the Nineteen seventies.

Profile – Probably the most exclusive model function of the Porsche-911 is how carefully the renowned profile of the car is maintained. The exterior shape is just like the earlier model, from the signature sloping-rear pillar to its potent wheel arches. Some slight alterations you may see can include modified door handles and curved door seams. Read More About Porsche 911 vs Porsche 992

Backside – The largest design modifications are noticeable whenever you see both the 991 and 992 from behind. Broader as well as more eye-catching, the Porsche 911 now functions as an extensive thin pair of tail lights that ranges over the engine cover. This provides an appealing symmetrical overall look to the 992. A resculpted lower front structures plus more noticeably flared back bumpers include one other aggressive touch also.

When comparing the interiors of these 991 and 992, you will instantly identify some apparent modifications. Taking the middle stage in the Porsche 911 is its latest digital design set in the wide dashboard having notable straight lines. Contributing to the more sleek interior overall look of the Porsche 992, the variety of control keys found in the Porsche 991 have been removed. Their features are maintained inside the massive 11-inch touchscreen display in the core of the dashboard. Some other additional features provide an optional night vision system with an available 360-degree camera system. Sure, to be liked by all 911 owners, one key element is still the same. The revolution counter is positioned in the forefront is the instrument panel for very easy visibility. The wonderful traveling position of the 911 remains maintained in the 992-generation.

991 vs 992

There are many changes and adjustments to the potent turbocharged engines of the 992 Porsche 911-generation, which are really worth mentioning. A more substantial central intercooler is located at the backside, changing the twin intercooler units of the 991-gen. This transformation produces a Twelve Percent bigger size that enables low intake air temps.

Better flowing exhaust manifolds can also help power-delivery on the Porsche 992. Engine compression proportions have raised from 10.1:2 to 10.5:2 while keeping 160-Pounds per Square Inch (PSI) of boost pressure. Carrera-S horsepower outputs increase from 425 to 455 consequently. Though brake rotor sizes stay the same, the optional Porsche Surface Coated Brake (PSBS) system will help improve braking performance.

One of the most reputed in the section, the renowned Porsche-PDK automated transmission, has gone through several modifications for the 992-generation of the 911. Gearing has increased from Seven to Eight speeds for the current generation 911, making no adjustments upon either overall performance or gas mileage. This latest unit will save space or room in the drive train. The gear shift for this latest transmission is significantly smaller than the one found in the earlier generation.

Porsche 911 Generations: Porsche 992 vs Porsche 991

Undoubtedly, the model that is probably the most symbolic of the Porsche brand is the renowned Porsche 911. Regardless of whether you grew up with a poster of a Porsche 911 hanging on the wall or it had been your favorite Hot-Wheels toy – the Porsche-911 includes an exclusive way of catching the hearts and minds of sports vehicle enthusiasts, both old and young. Something both a seven-year-old and a Seventy-seven-year-old can agree on? The reality that the amazing overall look of the 911 can make it hard to find out the model year or the model generation.


If you have seen an episode of the original BBC (Baumgartner Brand Schiltach) Top-Gear, you have most likely observed Jeremy Clarkson’s tongue-in-cheek opinions on Richard Hammond’s desire for the Porsche 911. Those who like to criticize the 911 are quick to crack jokes regarding the model’s commonalities to the Volkswagen-Beetle. Drawing evaluations to one of the entire world’s most favorite cars for all time definitely is not a drawback in our books.

Now for the work at hand. That will help you seem like a real Porsche enthusiast at the next auto get-together; there are many crucial ways to distinguish the amazing Porsche 991-generation of the 911 from today’s Porsche 992 model.


Beginning with the exterior, the simplest way to tell both of these models aside is by the main difference in rear design. Although the 991 model had the more traditional right and left taillights, the 992-gen joins each side along with an uplifting side to side thin LED strip. The lower structures all around the exhaust outlets are very easy to find out the big difference. In advance, things are much more challenging. Clearer hood-edges rather than curves plus more rectangle-shaped air vents are a couple of major features of 992-generation Porsche 911s. From the side, updated door handles are most likely the easiest way to identify the difference between the renowned side profiles of the Porsche 991 and Porsche 992 991-models.


If you are knowledgeable about the 991 generation of the Porsche-911 and also you step in the cabin of a 992-gen 911, you will most likely already experience it. The beautiful interior design of the 911 is just one of its signature features. Commonalities will include a center-mounted tachometer and its lightly rising center stack. Crucial modifications to the 992 families will include a massive 11-inch touch screen that is the place to find newly available functions, just like a night vision system and a 360-degree camera. Completely upgraded, however true to the model’s history, walking inside the interior of the 992-gen of Porsche-911 will feel much like home to drivers familiar with this renowned sports vehicle.


Last and surely not least, let us discuss the topic you have all been awaiting – the overall performance. Porsche might be regarded as heresy to alter the proven formula of back engine layout + turbocharger = driving enjoyment. We will enable you to in on a small secret. They did not! Although the formula for good results is the same, there are many crucial improvements towards the 992-generation which are worth featuring.

Porsche 992 models proudly include a much larger main intercooler that can be found at the back, changing the twin intercooler units of the amazing model. Engine-compression proportions have raised from 10.1:3 to 10.5:2 while keeping 16 psi of boost pressure. From the manufacturing plant, the exhaust manifolds have a much higher flow rate for increased power delivery.


In case your preference may be the Porsche Doppelkupplung automatic, you will have Eight gears rather than Seven that will help you rip with the power band. One function that we are not always fans of? The gear shift on auto models is completely tiny! Perhaps Porsche’s way of letting you know is to jump at the possibility of selecting the manual instead. We’d definitely suggest using the hint to take pleasure in the full Porsche 911 experience.

The most recent Porsche-911 Turbo S (the Porsche 992 model for the Porsche geeks) hit the roadways not long ago, as well as it is already proven itself a very unique thing.

Mat was in love with this 992 model as he jumped when driving the very first time, as well as it is no real shock considering the stats – 650 horsepower and 800 nanometers of torque from a 3.7-liter twin-turbo flat-six engine, Zero To Sixty miles per hour in 2.6 secs and a 205 miles-per-hour top speed.