2022 Porsche Taycan GTS – A Complete Guide

The 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS will be accessible in three body styles. It will be a sedan, hatchback, and SUV. 

The GTS sedan will feature rear-mounted bike racks and roof rails and start deliveries in the second quarter of 2022. 

  • Hockenheimring Edition

Porsche has introduced a special edition version of its electric Taycan sedan to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the famous Hockenheimring. This circuit is renowned for hosting NASCAR, Formula 1 and rallycross races. The special edition Porsche Taycan GTS 2022 is based on the standard Taycan GTS model, with only cosmetic changes.

The exterior and interior are dressed up in special Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur outfits. The Hockenheimring logo highlights black leather seats with contrasting green stitching and Paldao open-pore wood trim. A keychain in the same color is included as part of the special edition.

The Porsche Taycan GTS Hockenheimring Edition is a special car with unique exterior features. The exterior has a Stone Grey paint scheme with Bronzite accents.

This paint scheme reinterprets classic metallic tones. The car also rides on exclusive Mission E Design wheels. Click here to check pre-owned inventory of porsche taycan 4s

The hubcaps are finished in Bronzite. The Taycan GTS has a powerful battery and an impressive powertrain.

It produces 590 horsepower and 626 pound-feet of torque. The car can hit 155 mph in under 4 seconds with launch control, and its WLTP-estimated range is a whopping 313 miles.

Hockenheimring Edition
  • Panoramic Roof with Variable Light Control

Porsche’s upcoming Taycan GTS is getting an optional Panoramic Roof with Variable Light control. The new roof will feature nine segments of liquid crystal film and is switchable from transparent to opaque.  Here Is The Latest Used Stock Of Porsche Taycan Turbo S https://porscheofficial.com/2022-porsche-taycan-turbo-s/

It will also offer variable brightness and generous visibility from inside the car. It will cost PS104,190 for the saloon and PS104,990 for the Sport Turismo. 

It is due to hit Australian showrooms in the second quarter of 2022. The Panoramic Roof with Light Control is a multi-layered glass structure that blocks heat from the sun. It is more effective than a conventional glass roof or mechanical roller blind because it allows only 15 percent heat to enter the interior.

A touch-sensitive slider on the roof lining controls the roof’s translucency. You can select from nine stages of transparency, and finer control is available through the infotainment touchscreen menu. This menu is easy to access, and the shortcut icon makes it simple to select a different setting.

The 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS sedan is the third body style for the Taycan. It is equipped with roof rails and a rear-mounted bike rack. Deliveries of the Taycan GTS sedan are expected to start in the second quarter of 2022. 

Panoramic Roof with Variable Light Control
  • 240mm rear-axle motor

The 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS will feature a 240mm rear-axle motor, which will directly power the car’s front wheels. The two-speed gearbox will mate the motor with the front wheels to provide the power needed to propel the car. The Tesla Taycan GTS’s front electric motor will be completely de-energized and disconnected during partial load conditions. Additionally, the GTS will have an electric freewheel that helps reduce friction drag losses and extend its operating range. Want to buy porsche tycan, click this link >> https://getporschedeals.com/porsche-taycan-for-sale/

The rear motor will provide the necessary power to shift the car into second gear. It will also feature Porsche Stability Management (PSM), which will operate digitally to control vehicle dynamics within milliseconds. The rear motor will provide a smooth power delivery with the GTS’s suspension.

A GTS model will have aggressive styling and aggressive exterior features. Its bodywork includes black badging and a gloss black rear fascia. 

It also features darkened headlight bezels and 20-inch wheels. A Sport mode is included with the GTS, which enhances handling and precision.

240mm rear-axle motor
  • Race-Tex interior package

The Porsche Taycan GTS is a new version of the all-electric Taycan that aims to offer luxury and performance. It is available in 2 body styles: the sedan and the Sport Turismo wagon. The Sport Turismo is a sportier version with a lowered center of gravity and slightly raised ride height. It also features a body-colored roof spoiler.

The new car has a more driver-focused setup while maintaining the adaptive air suspension in the standard Taycan. Porsche Active Suspension Management and Torque Vectoring Plus have been revised to provide better handling and responsiveness. Unlike the Audi E-Tron GT, the Taycan GTS’s steering is much sharper and more precise.

The interior package features deviated stitching and matching seat belts. The GTS logo is embroidered on the headrests. 

There is also a sporty-style instrument dial with Carmine Red. The steering wheel is finished in matte carbon. The GTS package is worth a look if you want to give the Taycan GTS a unique look.

The interior of the Porsche Taycan GTS features Race-Tex synthetic suede upholstery, including the steering wheel and roof lining. Additionally, it has 18-way sports seats embroidered with the GTS logo. It also comes with matte carbon fiber interior trim and door sill guards.

Race-Tex interior package
  • 590 hp

The 590-horsepower Porsche Taycan GTS 2022 is one of a new series of variants of the Taycan. It features a sporty design with an aerodynamic front fascia and side skirts. It also features exclusive interior appointments.

The GTS version of the Taycan is a higher-end model, priced between the Taycan 4S and Taycan Turbo. It packs a 509-horsepower, 626-lb-ft of torque, and is equipped with a two-speed rear transmission.

The Porsche Taycan GTS 2022 comes with an array of safety systems. It includes a suite of stability and traction control systems. If you need to hone your skills in a particular area, you can activate Porsche Connect, the central hub for information. It is also equipped with Porsche InnoDrive, a suite of advanced driver-assist technologies, including active lane-keeping, traffic jam assist, and adaptive cruise control. Moreover, it comes with Porsche Entry & Drive, allowing you to leave your car keys in your pocket. Click to Buy Porsche Taycan GTS From Best Porsche Dealer In Miami

The GTS interior is similar to the top-model Taycan but has a few differences. The Taycan GTS interior features matte carbon-fiber trim and black brushed aluminum trim. Furthermore, it has GTS logos embroidered on its headrests and door sill guards. The steering wheel also has Porsche suede trim.

590 hp
  • 626 lb-ft of torque

The Porsche Taycan GTS is a supercar with 626 lb-ft of force and a low center of gravity, and its powerful engines will make it a fun track car. The car has Porsche Active Suspension Management and a new adaptive air suspension system. In addition, the GTS has enhanced Torque Vectoring Plus for better handling and turn-in response. The driver will love the way the GTS feels.

The Taycan GTS is a performance bargain. It sits between the Taycan Turbo and Taycan 4S, building on the Turbo’s technology. The single motor version produces just under 400 horsepower and torque, while the dual-motor model produces 522 hp and 774 lb-ft of torque. While the Turbo produces more horsepower, the GTS is limited to 155 mph.

The GTS exterior features an aggressive design that sets it apart from the other Taycan sedans. It features a sport-design front fascia, side skirts, and rear diffuser. 

A matte black inlay highlights the GTS logo. The GTS has 20-inch wheels with performance tires. 

LED matrix-design headlights with PDLS feature dark tinted surrounds. There are also body-color exterior mirror caps.

porsche taycan engine
  • Stability control system

The 2022 Porsche Taycan GTS has a suite of electronic stability systems that help with handling on the road. These include Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (DCCS) and Traction Management. The electric power-steering system considers road forces pushing in from the tie-rod ends as it tweaks the level of assistance. The GTS’s hydraulic brakes also offer very strong stopping power. Click here For More Info Used Porsche Taycan Turbo S

We tested the stability system using a sport mode, which decreases the threshold for the stability system to intervene and allows the driver more leeway to lose control. We noticed that the Porsche Taycan GTS had a very low center of gravity, which gave it an advantage when navigating tight corners.

The Taycan GTS’s interior is stylish and comfortable with a glass roof. The interior also has a dashboard similar to the Porsche line.

626 lb-ft of torque


The Porsche Taycan GTS is a performance bargain. It sits between the Taycan Turbo and Taycan 4S, building on the Turbo’s technology. The single motor version produces just under 400 horsepower and torque, while the dual-motor model produces 522 hp and 774 lb-ft of torque. While the Turbo produces more horsepower, the GTS is limited to 155 mph. 626 lb-ft of torque makes this car a great choice for those looking for a powerful track car that they can also use as their daily driver.

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