1963 porsche 356b karmann coupe

1963 porsche 356b karmann coupe

The 1963 Porsche 356B Karmann Coupe is a stunning example of beauty. The body is completely devoid of paint and has been given a highly polished and modernized look. With a polished and aerodynamic interior, this Porsche is destined to make quite an impression on any onlooker.

The front grille and lamps of the 1963 356b Karman coupe have also been replaced with a completely revised design. The hood has been relocated to help improve visibility at night. These changes have made the car a true sports and road legal drive.

The exterior of 1963 Porsche 356 b:

The car's exterior is finished in lovely deep honey color with red stitching throughout. The headlights are fully functional and mounted flush with the roofline, providing excellent night visibility. All the other parts of the exterior, including the larger rear window, chrome side pulls, door handles, and trim chrome side grilles, and the door mirror surround is finished in similar luxurious black and red colors.

An all-new dual exhaust system completes the exterior styling of this Porsche. It is complemented by a unique carbon fiber hood scalloped fender that is only found on the Porsche 356 series. Large chrome Brembo brakes complement the black body style of the Porsche 356B with two independently adjustable vented disc brakes. The brakes also feature individually adjustable strut bars and center caps.

Production Automobile:

The exterior of the Porsche 356 has been professionally prepared by a detail from production automobile and has been completely renovated through a fresh coat of paint and clear wax. One chrome door handle has been replaced with a new one. The original seat trim of the Porsche has been replaced, and the original sunroof and all other parts are well intact.

Interior of 1963 Porsche 356 b:

The interior of the unique notchback coupe is also a masterpiece. The leather used for the seats is long and soft, with deep red coloring running the seat's full length. The buttons and levers are all finished in rich red leather, as are the steering wheel and the instrument panel. The unique stainless steel hardware throughout the interior also adds to the overall luxury and appeal of the vehicle. All components are finished in rich shiny metal finishes, providing an attractive showpiece for any automobile.

The interior of the unique 1963 Porsche 356B Karman Coupe featured here is finished in striking black with red stitching on the upholstery. The red leather interior is done in a flat weave pattern with genuine stitching. Red stitching on the upholstery finish of the Porsche 356B includes the fuel gauge and speedometer. Door handles and all other hardware pieces have a black tone with red detailing.

The interior of this particular example is freshly painted with deep chestnut color. All original factory bumpers and front fenders have been properly replaced with genuine sporty and front fenders of the same color. There is an additional factory windshield chip that has been repaired, as well as a couple of small dents on the inside of the driver's window.

The architecture of classic cars 1963 Porsche 356 b:

A unique notchback coupe architecture makes this car one of the more desirable and classic cars of all models from the Porsche 356 series. The front hood features a unique three-dimensional cutout designed to improve airflow. There are also single-seat side windows and generous openings in the boot. The cabin layout is comfortable and luxurious. The floor has been completely refinished, while the cabin layout has been stretched to provide a longer passenger compartment.

Rear window decal:

One nice touch we like on this Porsche is the addition of a rear window decal that features the Porsche logo and the number six inside the door. The entire Porsche has been properly detailed and equipped with new touch-up paint. On the inside of the Porsche, a complete overhaul has been made over the inside of the vehicle. The doors have been removed, and the dashboard has been updated, with new colors paired with the interior. The interior was also refinished, and we love the detailed stitching on the inside of the door and upholstery.

Sporty Model:

The Porsche 356 B Karmann is a sporty model with a super engine and will fit in well with any lifestyle. This vehicle is available in either matte black or classic red colors, with either the front or the rear half of the car being entirely different. The exterior is clean, sleek, and smooth, with detailed fenders, hood, trunk, and tail lights.

Features of 1963 Porsche 356 b:

This vehicle has a five-year warranty on the brakes, bodywork, transmission, and engine. This Porsche comes with a mounted CD changer, an electric front boot with push-button opening, a roof-mounted glove box, central locking, front-seat passenger-side airbags, and dual-zone temperature control. All of these extras increase the safety of this Porsche and should ensure many safe miles for you and your passengers. These door mirrors do come in chrome, but they are easily removed, so you can enjoy the mirror benefits of this Porsche without worrying about the unsightly chrome pieces.

As per the documentation filed by Porsche, the Porsche 356 B Karmann uses a single-speed, clutch-less, push-button gearbox. The seller shows some wear and tear on the drivetrain and some scratches on the hood. The entire vehicle appears to be in good mechanical and body condition.

The Porsche 356 B Karmann is a rear-drive compact sports car made by Porsche. This vehicle is classified as a front-drive vehicle in the North American UK car class. It was designed to compete against the BMW Z5 and BMW 335i in the high-end car segment and manufactured in limited numbers. The Porsche class has many vehicles such as the saloon, convertible, racing car, mid-engines, and SUVs. This vehicle family has also introduced a new subtype called the "PDK," which is a rare manual transmission.

The Porsche 356 B Karmann has been modified at the front end with a relocated spoiler, front and rear bumpers, LED taillights, front and rear bumpers, and side skirts with authenticity. It is upgraded with a new pair of seats, leather covers, carpet, and upholstery. The photographs taken at the car wash show the vehicle to have a red racing-style steering wheel. The seller shows a yellow registration sticker with incorrect numbers. The description under the photo says: Overall, this car is in great condition.

The price includes an oil change, battery, and drain pan. This vehicle has had the standard four-wheel drive extended with the option for a fifth wheel to upgrade to the titanium dual strut bar. All of the standard features of the Porsche are included, such as power window, power door locks, power locks upfront, tilt/ telescopic adjustment, vehicle security system with alarm, autopilot, and premium sound system with CD player. The seller checks the air conditioner several times throughout the day and during the night while parked. The underside of the vehicle is clean except for a small stain on the dashboard.

Front and rear bumpers:

The Porsche 356 B Karmann is offered with the original factory warranty, which covers parts and labor and comes with a comprehensive warranty that includes vehicle care and repair. The vehicle is sold with two custom mirrors, a front headlight cover, and a rear bumper. The seller does not provide any pictures of the interior.

The Porsche 356 B Karmann sub-type is a convertible car with dual carburetors. This means it can be driven from one car into another in the same manner that an SUV can. The seller says an authorized Porsche dealer has fully inspected the vehicle.

Replacement parts to buy:

For those interested in a 1963 t6 Porsche, there are many sources in stock. Most authentic replacement parts are easily available from various dealers. Some common manufacture parts that may be missed include the following:

  • The push rod
  • The radiator
  • The front mounts
  • The strut bars
  • The brake light covers
  • The hood vents

These parts can be easily replaced with aftermarket products designed to fit the exact model. Since most parts are compatible, the only real requirement is to match the exterior and interior color scheme to create the illusion of a new car properly.


The vehicle was expertly restored by Autori di Marino geomeringo using high-quality oils and waxing. A professional tested the manual transmission by taking a mileage reading and a speed manual transmission test. The seller believes the vehicle was fully restored based on the readings and the speed test, and a class wins.

Price of 1963 Porsche 356 b:

The Porsche 356 B Karmann is offered at a base price of $32k. However, there are some factory rebate programs available if you purchase more than one. It is important to remember that all these vehicles come with a limited warranty. It is professionally detailed and refurbished, so it should not surprise that they are ready to drive away. The customer service and after-sale services are top-notch, and customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Where to buy 1963 Porsche 356 b and Porsche certificate:

When selecting a 1963 Porsche, the best place to shop for one is on the Internet. One can browse through many online stores that specialize in selling low-cost cars and then find the desired type one is looking for. Many authentic driving courses offer financing on their Porsches. A certified dealer can help one obtain the best financing for a 1963 Porsche with the best possible price. It can be fun shopping for a new car. By browsing through the many online sites, one can compare prices on a beautiful 1963 Porsche with the best available price.

A complete restoration of the front and rear half of the Porsche 356 B Karmann model has been undertaken. Porsche has carefully examined the front and the rear sections to ensure that they still operate according to original specifications. Two creme white colors have been used on the front and two different shades of brown on the rear, which match the factory colors for this model designation.


1963 Porsche 356 b has been modernized and restyled to give it a fresh look; the inside of the car remains a true example of classic reliability and functionality. A new Cosco double dinette with plush leather seats has been fitted as standard, and both passengers and driver have access to an informative manual that explains all the technical aspects of the car.